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I LOVE Biore Self- Heating Facial Mask!! It is so cool- Wheeee
Johnson and Johnson makes this Awesome baby bath stuff- it opens your sinuses. Menthol, Rosemary and Eucalyptus!!
I need to dye my hair- but what color?? Black/Purple like always , some sassy shade of red, Orange Copper???
I'd like a new tattoo- I need $$$$

On a serious note:
My ICH/Psuedo-Tumor Cerebri(the increased spinal fluid pressure) is getting worse. I have days where I can not even focus my left eye. Does this bother me?? A bit. What can be done?? Well...I can get spinal taps to remove fluid every so often. I can take diuretics that make my hands and feet tingle and I pee every 30 minutes and they don't help all that much, or I can just smile and say- "Oh Fucking Well". Maybe trepaning is the answer....
(Not asking for pity- just sharing....)
( Oh yeah- I STILL think it's a tumor- a massive growth- evolution gone MAD- I am growing another brain!!!)
Oh Really...

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I cut a bunch of my hair off today. Yup- just took the scissors to it and started cutting off big hunks. I now have this short, wild hair. Pretty cute. Very punk rock!! LOL
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