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Entries by tag: art

One More...

and then I sign off for the evening....



Gah- time flies when your tired and ill.
Last week's sinus issue appeared to be going away but instead has moved to the achille's heel of my existence..my lungs. I spent the weekend working and sleeping, coughing and wheezing. This morning I broke out the Vick's Vaporub- yup..it's that bad.
I really glad I was able to get out and dancing at least a little on Thursday night. genniferholland , a_muse_d and I made it down to the first Thursday art walk at 619 Western. Very cool- a huge old building full of artist studios. It was really crowded and a bit overwhelming. Next month I think I'll go a bit earlier or later to see if that helps with the crowd issue. I also wish I could afford studio space *sigh*.


Feb. 29th, 2004

Made it out last night to the premier of "Disintegration". Nice turn out- got to see a lot of folks that I have not seen in some time. Dance floor is small- but nice and dark. Music was standard- nothing to write home about....OH- how I'd love to see a DJ break the mold every now and again- dig a bit deeper into our musical past and present.....SIGH
Got hot and smoky rather fast- ventilation is a GOOD thing!!! There WAS an airhockey table- JOY.
Crispy and I broke it somehow...GRRRRRR

Am at a lose as to what to do this morning- I usually work at 7:30 or 10:30 on Sundays...for some reason- I am going in at 3. Have been lazing about, drinking coffee and watching movies.
SHOULD be working on art stuff....

Speaking of ART STUFF-
I need to figure out what I want to do for the Dark Arts Fest this year. I was thinking of a theme- doorways or portals- I seem to take lots of photos of doors- I could then go get 3-4 old doors at the salvage yard and make a free-standing screen-like display. Or I was thinking of boxes that have sort of a medical/Victorian feel- I don't want to say "Steam Punk" but somewhat similiar....

Oh yeah....

BTW- I DID get a show at Revoluciones-719 West 8th Ave. Denver, CO 80204. Phone: 303-825-3845
The opening is this Friday night from 7 to midnight. Only a few new sculptures- the other stuff was shown at the Dark Arts Fest. Exposure is good...
I need to make some flyers or cards with my website addy.


Drinking coffee- wishing it was sill grey and raining. It was a beautiful morning. I went to a local musuem that I had not know existed until 2-3 weeks ago...The Vance Kirkland Museum at 13th and Pearl. WOW!! I meam WOW!!!! I was so impressed and overwhelmed by this place!! Great paintings by Kirkland and other CO artists, a superb collection of art pottery- some of which I had never heard of and some that I had only seen in books!!! Furniture by Wright, Stickley and more!! Tons of Art Deco glassware and pottery. Incredible selection of Arts & Crafts metalwork. I will be going back...SOON!!
Now I am home and feeling very inspired!! I need to get some stuff done- NOW!!!!



Yeah for rainy weather, coffee, The Cure and me being inspired to create!!! I am working on 4 of my sculpture boxes right now. It's a strange process, I start them- with the main item that works with the box itself- then I go through my boxes of STUFF- find things that work with the other item(s) in the box. Going through one of my stuff boxes, I found- all 4 of my wisdom teeth, 3 vials of my blood that was drawn over a year ago-still red and liquid!!, chessmen, marbles, acorns, spark plugs, itty bitty light bulbs and all sorts of things. If I die and somone had to go through my stuff- they'd wonder what the hell I was up to :)
It takes several weeks to a month to finish one of these things. I tend to work on them for a bit- then let them sit and "speak" to me. I need to get some images of the new ones I have done up on the website. It's hard to show them in pictures- they are much cooler IRL.

Mar. 18th, 2003

Snow!!! Lots of it!! I am so snug and warm here at home!! I do feel a bit guilty for not going in today...
I am going to make soup in a bit and possibly dye my hair. I sorted thru some crap last night and found all sorts of fun stuff!! I found my fuzzy grey hat- it is too cute!! I also found- bad poetry written in college, postcards from a friend that I no longer talk to, old christmas cards, wedding invites, my birth certificate and tons of over odd stuff.
I got a call from the monitor co-ordinator for the darkroom. They had a shift open up on Tuesday nights- I am going to take it- I had a regular shift for 2+ years and have been doing back-up for the last year and a half, it's time to take a regular shift again. It forces me to work on my stuff- I mean- heck- I have to be there for 4 hours a week- so why not have stuff to work on??
I also start pottery classes on the 27th- I haven't thrown in 3+ years and am very excited to start again. Nothing like getting all muddy!! Plus- I love using vases, bowls, mugs, etc- that I made. Gives one a sense of satisfaction. AND- I love giving them to my friends......

My Site

Updated my website- finally!! New entrance page- new photo gallery- new links. Did I forget to link to YOU?? Please let me know and I will. I am also working on getting some new box images to go up soon.


Feeling inspired by my PurchasesCollapse ) at the salvage store - I got up today and worked on several pieces. I also watched the B & W classic- Cobra- with Valentino- what a handsome man!! Went to lunch with T- we tried several Indian places- all closed on Sunday at 2:30... and finally went to Swing Thai. Then off to the antique mall- where I found another box and lots of old photos. We didn't even make it half way through the place- it is HUGE. I want to go back soon. Think I'll go out tonight.....


Art Stuff

Looking about- I find that my more successful boxes are the more simple ones. I will bear this in mind as I move forward. I need to go to the junk shop on Alameda and see if they have any small boxes. I know I can buy them at Hobby Lobby etc- but I prefer ones that show a bit of age and grime. I started reading a book on Joseph Cornell- figure what the hell- since people think my work is a lot like his. Anyone know someone who will assist me in updating my website?? I can't really pay them- but would be willing to trade artwork....