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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday genniferholland !
You are one of the most wonderful and dear people I know. I hope today is lovely and there is much fun this weekend!!


Personal Daily Horoscope of Saturday, 3 October 2009 for Dayna Sternberg, born 20 March 1971
Creative Activity
This is a good time for any kind of creative activity. If you are active in a creative field, you should be unusually productive today. Under any circumstances this is a good time to get involved with the arts or any other activity concerning beauty. It is also an excellent time to redecorate your home and make your personal surroundings more attractive. Your taste for beauty is aroused, and you are much more sensitive to the aesthetic nature of your surroundings. This is also a time when you feel very affectionate and have a great need to express your affection for others. You want to give and receive love. Usually this is a very pleasant influence, because you are pleasant to be around. Others can sense how you feel about them, which makes them feel good in return.

The interpretation above is for transit:
Venus Trine Med.Coeli, , exact at 12:29 - activity period from 2 October 2009 to 4 October 2009


@ 4:30am.
I should be doing something productive- like getting notes ready for the Cheese Classes I am teaching in October....

Clubs and such

So- went to Noc Noc last night- since it was D's B-day and my girl Jane is in town. This is the first Sunday I have gone out there and gah- not what I wanted. So- Jane was asking me about where I usually go out and such and I started thinking...
I think- even though I haven't been in a few weeks- Wednesday nights @ Noc Noc are my favorite- the music is what really speaks to my soul and makes me smile. Friday's are also great and I have fun but the music doesn't trigger as many feelings and memories. The Vogue on Saturday's is overpriced and lacking in drink quality and was way too hot for the summer- I may venture back now that it is cooling off. The Merc is decent- I like the space and the music and theme nights- not a big fan of the smoking. I am also not a fan of where the dance floor is and the flow.

Next post:
Why men are retarded little apes :)


At a critical point
The energies in your life are reaching a culmination now. This is the time to try to bring your affairs to a climax, but do not expect to escape opposition from other people, for others have ambitions that may be in conflict with yours. Even with those aspects of your life that have been working out well and are now reaching a climax, you are not yet past the critical point. To achieve is one thing, but to incorporate these achievements into your life and make them part of your personal growth is something else. You have built structures and organized your life in various ways, and now you will experience the consequences of these structures as they begin to react and influence your life. Yet you still have the creative power to determine how your own creations will recreate you.

The interpretation above is for transit:
Sun Opposition Sun, exact at 06:42
activity period from 21 September 2009 to 23 September 2009

FYI- I'm not a 100% believer in horoscopes- I do feel that they provide a good jump-off point for examining one's life and situation. They have been too close to truths too many times. I feel like there is some validity to astrology in general but I don't plan my life around it.


I haven't heard much from you lately.
How the heck are you?
Anything new in your life?

Cheese X-Mas

Today is like Christmas in the cheese!! My French airship arrived, new cheese from Du Village and Portneuf in Canada and the usual Friday deliveries.
Time to NOM


I still haevn't seen it...
I'm thinking of picking a night and seeing if there's a group of us that would like to go.
Any interest?
Rain, rain, hard rain!! This is the weather I moved to Seattle for! Soft rain, hard rain,grey skies, crisp mornings!!
I sat outside on the deck last night in the dark and enjoyed the rain.
love! love!

Hey You

Not that I expect too many of you to share my love of silent movies...
BUT- The Paramount will be starting up silent movie nights on Mondays in November. I plan on going to all of them this time around. Let me know if you want to join me.