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I could live in the space between her heartbeats


Personal Daily Horoscope of Sunday, 13 December 2009
for Dayna Sternberg, born 20 March 1971

Fun and joy
Valid during several weeks: During this time, you feel most free to express yourself and to be yourself. Your primary drive is to do what you want and as much as possible to set your own priorities. You are not especially interested in dominating others, although you may be capable of it at this time, but you will vigorously oppose anyone who tries to prevent you from doing what you want to do. Your attitude toward your relationships is much lighter at this time, almost as if you saw your relationships as a stage upon which you can perform. At any rate, you favor more than usual the relationships that are fun. This is the time to be yourself, but it also is the time to become conscious of who you are. It is one thing to be yourself; it is another to know yourself. You can use this time for both.

The interpretation above is for your transit:
Sun in the 5th House, 5, from 19:33
activity period from 13 December 2009 until middle of January 2010
Tags: horoscope
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