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Nothing like listening to the man you have been crushing on for years tell you about the girl he has been crushing on for years....
Ok- reactivated Facebook this morning- I still need access to certain people and pictures. I just won't be spending lots of time there.

I'm Back.....

Hi Dayna,
You have deactivated your Facebook account.

Yup- killed it off, it was making me feel alone and isolated (which I am). I don't need to read about what other people are doing and wonder why they didn't tell/invite/mention me. I don't need to know what you had for dinner. It's like everyone starring in their own little reality show.

Perhaps "killed" is the wrong word...it's in a drug-induced coma.

I will be here, on LJ if/when I have something to say.

Heck- is there anyone else still here??


Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 29 December 2009
for DS, born 20 March 1971

Physical passion *
This influence arouses a strong attraction to and desire to be with someone. You will be much more aggressive than usual in going out and finding a partner. This influence is often a sign of physical passion. Under this influence a sexual relationship is very satisfying to both partners. Even without sex, you will be very happy with other people. You feel more vivacious and attractive than usual and may well be the life of the party. You will work hard to gain the approval of others during this time, so strong is your need for affection. Artistic activity is also indicated, for the general significance of this influence is self- expression through creativity and love.

The interpretation above is for transit:
Venus Conjunction Mars, exact at 13:01
activity period from 28 December 2009 to 30 December 2009


Personal Daily Horoscope of Sunday, 13 December 2009
for Dayna Sternberg, born 20 March 1971

Fun and joy
Valid during several weeks: During this time, you feel most free to express yourself and to be yourself. Your primary drive is to do what you want and as much as possible to set your own priorities. You are not especially interested in dominating others, although you may be capable of it at this time, but you will vigorously oppose anyone who tries to prevent you from doing what you want to do. Your attitude toward your relationships is much lighter at this time, almost as if you saw your relationships as a stage upon which you can perform. At any rate, you favor more than usual the relationships that are fun. This is the time to be yourself, but it also is the time to become conscious of who you are. It is one thing to be yourself; it is another to know yourself. You can use this time for both.

The interpretation above is for your transit:
Sun in the 5th House, 5, from 19:33
activity period from 13 December 2009 until middle of January 2010



I have decided to stop sowing my seeds in barren, fallow fields.
I waste too much time tending to crops that yield no fruit and wither in the vine.
Personal Daily Horoscope of Friday, 6 November 2009
for DS, born 20 March 1971

Personal desires

This is a time for making plans about your personal life and for thinking about your goals and objectives, not in terms of your career but in terms of your inner feelings and personal desires. Often the demands of the outside world become so great that we lose track of what we really want in life and spend our time trying to live up to someone else's expectations. Even worse, we internalize those expectations and convince ourselves that they are our own. Now is a good time to cut through all of those ideas within yourself and to think about what you want and about yourself as you really are. On a more external level, this is also a good time to make plans concerning your household and family or the physical dwelling that you live in. Also, buying or looking for real estate is favored during this time.

The interpretation above is for transit:
Mercury Opposition Med.Coeli, , exact at 23:49
activity period from 6 November 2009 to 7 November 2009



So- we (the ex and I) had decided to stay in this apartment month to month until Feb and then get a two bedroom and remain roommates. I get a letter from the management company that they expect an extra $50 a month if you don't sign a new 12 month lease. If you do- rent goes down from our current $905 to $885- which is actually what we pay for rent and the $905 is the extra $20 for my parking spot. THEN- they have an ad on Craigslist for an apartment here for $775 a month. WTF!! So- you lose good people- who pay rent on time and are quiet and have never had any complaints. This doesn't make any business sense to me- as they have had several apartments sitting empty. I am going to talk to the on-site managers and see what the deal is. Oh- the ad also says the unit has a D/W and a fireplace...ours doesn't...

SO- I hate the thought of moving around the holidays- which given my line of work- start Nov 1st. But it looks like the universe is forcing my hand.

Seattle folks- if you know of any 2 bedroom, cat friendly apartments that are for rent- let me know.


Personal Daily Horoscope of Wednesday, 21 October 2009
for D, born 20 March 1971

Evasive maneuvers
During this time it may well be that you hide yourself away somewhere to avoid having to deal with the tension between your desires and your anxieties. Or perhaps you give in to your desire, but only half- heartedly, so that you get only half of something in the end, which is not what you actually wanted. This quality of time can indicate where your difficulties lie, i.e. in acknowledging your desires and completely giving yourself up to certain experiences. You will perhaps ascertain that this has to do with an insecurity or feeling of inadequacy of yours. That is why you should find out which experiences you actually avoid - then you can make a conscious effort to share these experiences with an understanding, sympathetic person who will not injure you anew.

The interpretation above is for transit:
Venus Opposition Chiron, ,
activity period from 21 October 2009 to 22 October 2009

I woke up thinking about exactly THIS