2007 Book List

Title: Microserfs
Author: Douglas Coupland
Year Published: 1995
Status: In Progress
Notes: So far so good, it is Coupland. There are parts I do not really get, I was after all only 13 when this came out, when the idea of Microsoft was starting to become part of daily life. Being 13 I was still in my bubble but I am enjoying the read none the less. A lot of JPod I've noticed is similiar to this. I really like Coupland's use of text as art in this book, which is what I adored about JPod as well.

Title: IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas
Author: Chuck Klosterman
Year Published: 2006
Status: In Progress
Notes: I kind of want Chuck Kolsterman to be my boyfriend.

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