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Day TWO of My Birthday Month !

I loveeee this time of the year - its MY BIRTHDAY MONTH again ! I hope you toys have been saving ALOT for ME - your MOST HOLY IMPORTANT GODDESS !!!!!

Need inspiration ? I went out last night.....

My boys have been clicking on MY Pay Per View Video clips like crazy !!! I love it - you'd be an idiot to miss this chance - BOTH will leave FOR SALE status - think of ME like Disney...they are out of a short time and BACK into the VAULT they go ! * laughs *

I have a KILLER headache today - and spent most of it sleeping - but when I did wake up - I found that MY tiny little eddie got ME the HOTTEST Marciano boots that Ive been wanting - they are MID - calf ... LOVE ! MY marky also got ME the RED military short Marciano jacket ....I cant WAIT for it to get here ...and dont worry minions, the black one is still avaliable on MY ever greedy wishlist - which is up to 1227 items PURCHASED ! HAHAHAHA ! I also got a new boy to Tribute $155 to My Perfect peds, My hit and miss moodboy paid his Group dues, ( which three boys were removed for non payment ! HAHHAHA bitches )footslave came and bought the two new videos and needs to leave feedback for them, and bought some beauty products for ME from My wishlist, and mackey paid $250 punishment Tribute. * grins * SUFFER BITCHES !!!!! S U F F E R for M E !

moodboy - lets see some serious spoiling now that you are back from the mainland !!!!! :)

Ive got some errands to run this week - groceries, mall run to exchange some stuff, but will be online HARD to rape you HARD mostly after Weds....so jot it down in your tiny little pea brain to be online and ready to BURN those credit cards ! * laughs *
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I know, I know, its been FOREVER since you losers have had an update !!!! Ive been a busy busy Goddess and real life always has a way of sneaking in !

Smushface has been soooo much fun, I forgot whats its like to have a kitty - shes sooo much fun. she's quite a relaxed kitty, she moved right in and made herself at home !!! :) Joey isnt too fond of her, but as long as she stays away from him he dosent bother her....she dosent know she can just beat the shit out of him though yet, so when she figures that out, that will be fun ! :)

My Tiffany necklace came in - LOVE

$300 CASH Tribute from MY tiny eddie - part of MY anniversary gift - TWO years on 10/11 !

panties and new pink skin for MY cell phone

cute black dress and new strapless cami !

Okay, lets see what didnt I take a photo of - some cuteee pink tanga panties, 500 count sheets from My eddie as a gift, Burbery watch for a gift, new Guess? jacket - and I have to say Ive only gone to the post twice this week !!!!!

but lets talk about whats COMING to ME !!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME BITCHESSSS - copy if you want, you will NEVER be ME girls - NEVERRRRRR.

ALSO - BOTH ::brand new:: IPODS are on the way as well - from TINY tiny eddie ! the 8gig and 16 gig are on the wayyyyy ! although amazon says a 4-5 weeks for delivery. PUNKS !!!

Also, from MY wishlist new square glass vase coming, new DIAMOND heart belly ring - LOVE - although I love the pave heart one moreeeee, new lipgloss, two new hats - LOVE, and some kitty supplies !! woot woot ! :) YAY for MEEEEEEEE. Im up to 1077 items PURCHASED ! hehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehe !! I've got a few new boys that tributed to MY Perfection yesterday via Niteflirt - LOVE IT - send MORE !!!! chrissy sent ME $130 amazon gift certificate - without ANY prompting from ME, $600 from mack - HAHHAHAHA love love love it !!!! moodboy was a good boy and sent his DUES  $75 for My private group - the rest of you are slacking, just because I havent been online consistently this week dosent mean you fuckers get to REST and stop sacrificing for ME - MY moodboy is going thru some serious personal issues right now - and HE had the good grace to send his dues in anyways, AND send ME a few emails - wtf is wrong with you losers ? step it UP before you are BANNED from MY presence ! 

Ive added BUNCHES to My amazon wishlist - start shopping - but dont forget CASH is MY BEST FRIEND ...not you !!! HHAHAHAHHAH - I'll be in and out this weekend - yes - boys and girls, THE AG has a life that must be MY focus this week !

Another Tuesday :)

YES, I know I didn't update ALL weekend !!!! :) thats right little losers, I HAVE A LIFE :) I got two new dresses on Friday - the maxi long dress Guess? and the soft brown BCBG dress from peter, however, I didnt take photos of it - and yesterday I neglected to go down to the POST, so I'll pick up packages and do another update a little later !!! so wait for it ! :) and I know that you will !!!!

Niteflirt/Keen pay per views are ROCKING though !!!! so far 10 of MY admirers have purchased MY sets of PHOTOS !!!! The Ass worship photos are PRICELESSSSS !!!! I know that you love love love them !!! HAHHAHA and I loveeee to make you suckers drool !!!!

Sunday night - GoddessDivine and I went out with our friends to celebrate a birthday :) I know you want to be with US - but you cant ! you CAN spend your CASH on US though !!!!!

Yes I know - Im HOT in this hat ! :)

I got prettttttty drunk on Saturday night - so last night I took it reallllly easy - lounging in MY favorite specs ! ( for moodboy ! )

THREE more days and mrs mini kitty comessss ! Im soooo very excited !!! yayyyy !!! Im up to 1050 items purchased on My amazon wishlist - with eddie buying ME yet another maxi dress - I loveee them - and FOUR pairs of Charles David shoes !!! Yeah - I got it like that !!! :) HA. thats how I roll ! :) Im off for a nap - and IF you DARE msg ME - you'd better have what I like - CASH !!!!

I'll be uploading new photos to BOTH groups - and video clips !!!! wait for them ! :)

Fun Raping Day :)

I was online pretty early this morning - 8am central time - I should be up early more often, I forgot how horny and perverted you pets are in the morning ! * laughs *

SO - first I made cameron pay $200 ( I wrote about it in a previous entry ) and then andy came into MY PM - now BOTH GoddessJaded and I knew something was "up" because this loser has always been a pretty fast typer, and he was LAGGING, so we knew he was talking to someone else...and someone else indeed.... and it cost him !!! First I took $60 from a phone call from his ass, then I demanded $250 - THEN I pushed him....to another $500 :) * laughs * thats what you get bitch ! I also got a random $50 NF tribute from a little sissy - and another $100 from MY moodboy ! OH and a new boy - peter, he bought ME a BCBG dress from My amazon wishlist and this morning sent ME a $100 amazon gc ! I want another $100 peter ! heheheh :)

I havent finished doing My Niteflirt/Keen pay per views and will probably finish them up and send them out tomorrow - tonight Ive got plans ! tomorrow, Id like to run to the mall and exchange some stuff, but we will see how the morning goes !

Ooohhhh and guess what came today ? My new Christian Diors from diorboy ! HAHHAHAAH yesss, also he bought the Jessica Simpson hawtness too !

Yes, I know - I have gorgeous feet !

Also, My two pairs of dickie shorts came, MY True Religion capris, and two hats ! woot woot

Happy Goddess


Busy Daysssss

WOW what a day yesterday ! My pc tech coming out yesterday - it was awesome, but it took a lot longer than we thought it would to do all the needed tasks ! wiping out two hard drives on MY Sony Vaio and My Gateway - Im giving My sony Vaio to MY nephew, and of course it has to be REALLY wiped ! so thats done, but took a LONG time. Im officially using My pink sony viao laptop now :) YAY. so Shawn got here at like noon and didnt leave until 5.30pm and by then, GoddessDivine and I were itching to have some fun, so we took off to Six Flags on short notice. it was perfect. evening - no lines. and its only about 30 minutes away from downtown so it was quick and FUN. PLUS I got a turkey leg. Mmmmmmmm. We rode rollercoasters like 12 year olds. the best ! YAY.

While Shawn was messing with My pc's, I took pics of MY pressies - and I got some GREAT one yesterday ! whooo hooo !

My Tiffany & Co new pendant - HOT HOT HOT - LOVE from moodboy !

and FINALLY - My FENDI SPY bag from tiny little eddie got here ! I LOVEEEEEE IT !

New bathroom organizers !

new earrings and necklace from brian s, !  LOVE

panties and bra

and new digital keychain from mikey ! whooo hooo - this was a total surprise as I wasnt expecting it until it showed up !

Also yesterday I raped chrissy again and got another $75 amazon gc !  he cant control himself when he sees My Perfect Soles :)  hahahhaaahhahaa.  and stupid cameron- god - what a dumb fucker.  he actually found his step daughters myspace, and gave ME the link ! LIKE I wasnt going to use it against him - and I did to the tune of $ 300 :)  Later onnnnn after I got home from Six Flags, I raped mack hard too - and THAT was the BEST !  HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA MY part of $550 !  HAHAHAH GoddessDivine also got some loot from him !  HAHHAHA ahhh to be used by TheAsianGoddess - I know all you losers WISH you could please ME !  HAHAHHAHHAHAA

Also - MY ass sniffer mikey was in big trouble earlier this week !  I was pissed.  he told ME that he drove by MY post office last week and tried to " see what window was Mine "  wtf.  are you KIDDING ME ?  stalkerrrrrrrr.  IF I would've seen him out there, I definietly would've thrown water balloons at him and then made him sing "  Im the AG's ass sniffer ! "  HAHHAHAHAHA but I wasnt even home, or I was sleeping, not sure.  but he was punished for being a dumb ass.  $500 to MY account !  cha chingggggg.

Yeah, Ive had a great week :)  well month,  well LIFE !  hahhahaha.  Im busy today as well -  Ive got to grocery shop - ewwwwww. pick up a package at fed ex,  and do some regular cleaning - My hot boy is coming home tonight and things must be perfect !  Remember  - also, I wont be online this weekend either  - so get your FIX before then !

OHHHH and how could I forget ?  I broke MY canon powershot last night at the park !  I know I know.  dumb !  so no new pics until MY new camera gets here - and of course, its already been ordered from My amazon wishlist from bobby dorkforbrains !  HAHHAH YESSSSS.

Thursday :)

SO I didn't get to My friend Erica's last night ... hehehee - instead I did MY Perfect Nails :) they look fierce...as always - so I'll be heading to her house this evening around 6pm central - but will NOT be online tonight. Im spending it with the HOT boy ! YAY. MY BFF GoddessDivine also has friends coming in this weekend from out of state so I'll be busy busy busy !!!!

I'm pissed at the post office as they are holding My crossword Fendi bag hostage. those dicks. I cant get it redelivered until Saturday - I want it for Saturday night and it had BETTER BE HERE then ! bastards. ALSO, My moodboy made a lazy mistake - they are delivering MY Harry Potter book to MY house which means fucking lazy UPS wont get it to ME and I'll have to do a lot of running around to get it which is going to piss ME off.. - can you tell Im PMSing ? well I am - whorebags.

Yesterday was a great day with GoddessDivine - took chrissy for $200 for footcam and another $50 today. I got a working tribute from MY new little peanut ...and also I made stupid mack send ME $250 and $100 to GoddessDivine, and then he pissed ME off - so fuck him :) and I didn't even turn on MY cam ! hehehehehehehehhehe ! HA.

HEY - did you see MY new Niteflirt homepage and MY new myspace page ? NO ? then go look and push MY buttons ! * grins *

and here are MY pressies :)

more AF !

Two new Coach keyfobs

My pizzastone from brian and MY new shelf from bobby the dummy

you think I have enough papertowel newboykurt ?? LOLOL

shoes from dumb rob - I hate you. but I cant wait for MY new Jessica Simpson shoes !!! they are HOT - you are NOT

MMm MY new Harry Potter Wii game from tiny eddie ! and also MY memory foam thing came in - did I mention that ?

DO you see ME in the mirror ? HAHHAHAHHAHA

and yesterday - MY amazon wishlist jumped to 821 items ! YESSSSS. newboy kurt and brian were VERRRRY busy yesterday ! Yessss - it seems that asslicker has once again disappeared. surprise. * rolls eyes * SO newboy kurt got ME a new strapless bra, new coach skinny belt, the bathroom shelves I wanted, MY new ice cream maker and waffle cone maker ! brian s went got ME that Guess? dress that is SO pretty, new Prada sunglasses, bedside carafe, ( I dont want to get up after satisfying sex just to get water ! ) earrings and the matching necklace, new mousepad, boyshorts, and new blades for that stupid helicopter ! I've put some storage items on there that will be a NEED to have when MY bathroom shelving comes in ! * grins * keep it up boys !

I've also added 23 new photos to the Private Area. FIVE of you numbnuts have been removed - want back in - OR if you are new and want to join it - there are over 1200 photos and video clips - AND will be adding tiny eddie's visit photos and vid clips to it - verrry soon. so if you want - CLICK HERE losersssss.

whoa....LONG ass post. :) you are such lucky little pets !
hawaii pool loser


Its MONDAY ! I havent been to the post office yet so I dont know if new pressies have come yet...I hope soooo ! * grins *

I had a pretty relaxing weekend ! I spent yesterday spending tiny little eddie's cash ! I took out $500 from his bank account, ( and went shopping with Goddess Divine ) and spent $200 at Target on his Target card, and then went to the grocery store and spent nearly $180 on groceries for Sunday Night Dinner - the gathering ! its sooooo easy to spend his cash ! * grins * HAHHAHAH heheh HAHAHHAA.

I FINALLY got back My $400 from My bank - I had a unrecognized charge on there for some airline in dubai. yeah for Me, apparently Im a terrorist ! * grins * so I had to do all this running around to get it back - had to have some documents notarized blah blah blah...the thing that is killing ME is that I had to cancel MY Own debit card until I get a new one - and THAT is just superrrrrr annoying !!!!!!

SO, this asshole on Niteflirt, I haven't seen him in ages, and he pops onto MY niteflirt mail and sends Me $50 - and then the next day he sends $350 - and THEN I read feedback on another Domme's page !!! after spouting all this BULLSHIT about ME being the ONLY One .. grrrrr....

" i left feedbacks to one domme only because i had no reply from You Goddess Karen. Please don't send me to the trash. Al;low me to pay for my sin and be Yours for good. train me. Break me. Make sure i never cheat. Please Goddess, i'm begging You. help me get a new life with one focus only: You "

I fucking hate you pigs sometimes ! lets see, NEW red charles david kitten heels from MY missing in action moodboy ! - he also sent in $100 for his monthly dues to ME ...two new Marciano tank tops from eddie are on the way, new skins for MY wii controllers so I can easily tell which is which ...another small shoe rack and pizza stone from brian s ! - Nice work ! and finally - little eddie got ME a new colander...YES ! MY dumb dumb buttnuts neighbor stole MINE - so this is lovely indeed. I'm up to 783 items purchased, and its time to GOAL ME For 800 !!! can you do it ? YES you can !!!

TWO of MY losers are on holiday - newboykurt and ass sniffer - * tear * NOT ! hahahhahahaa. OH did I mention last week that I got a $100 amazon GC from christophe ? great - now I have !

I'm not sure what I will be doing today... its HOT HOT HOT outside..maybe the pool ??? maybe shopping ? maybe raping you until you are silly and even MORE dumb ! :) ooooh the decisions !!! * laughs *