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Day 11

Yes its Day 11 !!!! Im offline this afternoon as I get MY Beautiful MANE colored and cut with MY stylist !! then I'll be heading to the Post to pick up MY MANY BIRTHDAY PRESSIES !!!! Im so CLOSE to 1300 its making MY head spin ! YAY ! HAHHAHAHA

My marky of course went shopping yesterday and got ME TWO more pairs of 7 for all mankind jeans in 24 ( the SMALLEST SIZE they carry because Im SO thin and perfect ! ) HAHAH and moodboy popped out of no where and got ME a Guess? dress for summer and Guess? Princess Pink Top ! lovely indeed - moodboy - you know I just ADORE CASH Pressies from you too ! * grins * in fact losers - you really need to step up the DONATIONS - gifts are perfect - but CASH makes ME swoon !!!! I also got a random $75 amazon gc. whoopie.

I will be offline after 8pm - get used to it !

Green Friday

Thats right bitches - around the US its called Black Friday ... in MY world its GREEN Friday - $$$$$$ hehehehee.

I went to check the post, but nothing was there !!! the HORROR !!! but there is always tomorrow - and Im going to be getting ALOT of fun fun spoiled FUN this next coming month ... its almost the MOST Holy Day EVER - MY Birthday ! * hahhahahahaha *

Lets see ... who celebrated The Twins Bday on Wed ? Well - little footboy paid $300 homage to their Perfectness and mackey also - I got him drunk .... lol...again and for MY trouble ? first Tribute was $325 and the second was $175 ! HAHAHHAHA - thats THE Asian SINsation for you .... Greedy, Selfish and Perfect ! * laughs *

My marky has been shopping his nuts off for ME on My amazon wishlist as well !!! marky has gotten ME some Chanel serum, new silver HUGE hoops, Guess? sateen trousers, new D & G perfume, new matching Diesel HOT panties and bra ( Twins Bday ), two pair of Diesel boyshorts for lounging, and some new Steve Madden HOT shoes that I already have in patent, so these are for fun AND bcbg pumps - AND new UGGS !! YAY Im SOOOOO excited about those babies ! HAHAHHA its sooo cute how marky pops in and gives ME offlines that say he wants to play hide and seek on My wishlist - its SO hot !!! * giggles *

Also, nicky has been shopping as well - Juicy Couture track suit, which he paid $100 amazon GC for , another try and a new military style jacket ( the last two have been cancelled by amazon those rats ! ) some D & G bra and panties ( Twins Bday ) YAYYYY - SO exciting !!! Also, brian stopped by and got ME some SICK D & G sunglasses ! wheeee - he also bought ME the pumps that marky ended up getting, bc they also got cancelled and landed back on MY unpurchased list - and marky being the good boy he is - snatched em up for ME ! :) LOVE IT.

MY tiny tiny tiny eddie got ME a fucking sweeeeeeet telescope, adapter and accessory kit for it ( $500 ) HAHAHAH LOVE IT tiny eddie !!! you're MY best boy !! * BIG FAT GRIN *

I want you suckers to start giving ME lots of Amazon GC's so that I can buy MY friends and family their gifts for MY Birthday - I shouldnt have to spend a DIME of My OWN - and you know this !!!! HAHHAHAH. There are TWO digital cameras I want, and THREE digital frames - get on it - I deserve to not have to do ANYTHING for My loved ones to be happy ! I know that you know ... can you losers dig ? HAHHAHAHHAHAHHA

I got My white satin bcbg pumps from slutface...but they have BLACK marks on them - wtf !? thats some BS - so I'll be returning that back to amazon for a pretty amazon credit ! :) HAHAHHAHAHAH !

Its boot season in FULL swing - be on the look out for your favorite fetish photo sets - pantyhose and boots you preverted freaks !

'ta bitches !


Im sooooo excited to see Dane Cook tonight !!! Im on the floor - section B - row 7 ! Im soooo excited !!! I love love LOVE Dane Cook !! I'll take some photos and such of course ! HAHHAHAH wheeeeeeee !!!!!!

Yesterday I took $100 off mackey, and $200 from a new boy - and another punk paid $75 to be in MY Private Group - OH and speaking of which - you stupid losers that didn't pay your Monthly Dues have been banned and deleted - have fun in reject land - OH wait - you already live there !!! HAHAHHAHAHA.

Also, My nicky paid his $75 dues on TalkSugar and then went shopping a little bit on MY amazon wishlist !!! new PalmerCash tshirt ( I love his stuff ) a new Guess? top with a Guess? vest - verrry cute, and two Guess? cami tanks !!! tiny eddie got ME a SICK and FIERCE Marciano long maxi dress for a wedding Im attending in two weeks - SO HOT - but not sure if its AS formal as that dress maybe, so Ill look when it gets here !!! hollywood has several dresses for ME from BEBE and Arden B that are ON THE WAY to ME as well - yes its true I loveeeeee dresses !!! tiny eddie also got ME a furry PINK robe and some SICK SICK leopard platforms !!! YAY. I got MY leather jacket in from tiny eddie, but not sure I like it - it most definetly needs to be smaller - Im letting all the wrinkles work their way out of it before I decide. I also got MY other maxi dress in from My MOODBOY - Love it - its at the seamstress now being shortened !!! woot woot !!!

Ive added SOOOO much stuff on MY amazon wishlist its not even funny - start sending those amazon gift certificates that I love so much when holidays close in - I shouldnt have to spend MY money on gifts for MY family and friends - so start sending them again ! HAHHAHAHAHHAHA and GO SHOPPING ON MY LISTTTTTT !!! do it shitheads !
hot and black

Thursday - Travel Day !

Well - I already packed MY camera, so I dont have the pictures of the stuff that came today that I didnt pick up yesterday !!! so - until I do - you will just have to WAIT !

I picked up 9 - 4packs of Starbucks Frapps today - from asslicker, an exercise stepper ( which I swear I took OFF My wishlist - but some loser was extra fast ! ) 2 sets of 10 wood frames- from eddie ( one is a gift ) and a new Fan - from asslicker. whoo hoo !

Yesterday was also a VERY profitable day as well - I put up stupid camerons information on MY site - and he shit a brick - and raped him of $350 to get it down - Also, My moodboy paid Me $100 as well :) $50 from new loser, $175 from some new boy named enrico - HAHAHHA he actually THINKS that paying for $125 pay per view means that is a Tribute. HAHAHHA idiot !! you get PHOTOS for the CASH you pay ! * laughs * ALSO another $300 from asslicker !!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ! also, got a $100 Amazon GC from chrissy - as he thinks I am Amazing - which he is SO right !!! * laughs *

ON My Amazon wishlist ... newboy kurt and eddie have been VERY busy - bringing MY total purchased items to 618 items ! whoo hooo ! Lets see...lets list .....newboy kurt got ME some steve madden peep toe shoes, MORE toliet paper, MORE papertowels :) HA. little eddie got ME the PINK CHI hair straightener, new easel mirror, the wall mount for My tiny tv for guest/office, a new gardenia plant, TWO yankee candle gardenia flavors, a universal charger for Princess Stacey, and finally - some new bakeware for My NON baking skills ! * giggles * with chrissy GC I got a new Ipod armband, some of MY favorite Elizabeth Arden lotion, and the matching reed diffuser that newboy kurt got ! whewwww - thats ALOT of stuff !! I hope I didnt miss anything or anyone - or maybe I dont care ! * laughs * OH and did I mention the new webcam that little eddie got Me ???? thats THREE webcams - I really need to sell some of the shit I dont use anymore !!!!

I leave in about 45 minutes to the airport - I will be mobile and will have My pink laptop with ME - but I can check emails on MY phone ( the Q ) so I will be checking in frequently from there ! I will be home on Monday around 2ish central time - I dont expect to be online fully until Tuesday morning though but Im sure I will check in, as MY GREED dosent rest - even when I do !!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend minions ! and as a last thought - girls who talk trash ARE usually trash. IF you girls want to know something about ME or MY minions or MY life - then ASK - dont be a fucking rumor loving cuntface !

eddie - DONT break yourself - and I love your emails :) ! moodboy - I cant wait for MY HI pressie ! newboy kurt - KEEP shopping - chrissy - send MORE amazon GC's. asslicker - I want MORE MORE MORE cash - send it to MY account ! stephen - get to PAYING - you're slacking ! loserslave - I want VS GC to My aol account ! THE rest of you freaks - get to MY Niteflirt and SPEND !!!  and dont forget to VOTE Daily !