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Travel Issues ....

Well...Chicago is a not fun. I never got out of STL ! First, they called to tell ME at 6am, My original flight was cancelled, and rebooked on another flight and had to change My rental car pickup ... okay, not a big deal....I get to Lambert, and the flight is once again delayed....we board, we de-board, My connecting flight has been cancelled, and My luggage is in somewhere.... - so currently, I am at home, on hold for research on where it might be exactly ! SO - tomorrow morning early - I'll be driving home ... and wont return home until Thurs most likely instead of Wed !
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Day 22 in My Birthday Month !

YAY its almost My Birthday - and tomorrow I leave for Michigan ! Im so excited to see My family :) woot woot !!!

Although this evening I got some bad news about money slavery addiction - and I suppose - its the nature of change and every thing has to end at some point. Its strange that on some levels, these submissives can actually live in the fantasy SO much - that even a SMART Domme like Myself gets roped into thinking that said submissive will indeed be around for a long term live in position - but really - that moneyslavery is an actual REAL addiction for some, and without proper communication - that really is about true feelings, not just " oh Im so happy today Goddess" and the next day " Im miserable today Goddess " - its about getting down to it - if you cant handle poverty - because that is what YOU intended on in the first place, then you've really just let yourself down. Now - can this person still be one of My submissives ? thats the sticky question, as obviously Im a money domme, and thats the core of My relationships online .... Mmmmmmmm....lots of thinking to do ! :) Is it true when the money runs out that the relationship runs out ? I dont think that is true, it is true, when the Domme isnt online as much, or has some personal issue that require attention - and the addiction goes haywire because no one is managing it ..... that would be MY fault - and Im always someone who learns from My mistakes, and that wont be happening again unless its out of My control. It takes alot of CARE and alot of work to be successful domme, and like anyone, things take time, and relationships often have ups and downs, lows and highs, hate and love - so I do hope that said submissive find clarity - and if clarity is being in life without ME - then I wish him the best !!!!!

I'll be mobile and online while Im away !!!!
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Day 21 of MY Birthday Month !

SO - finally I did MY photo slide show to show off My pressies thus far from My boys and toys for MY Birthday ! * grins * Enjoy it loserssssss ! Im hanging out with GoddessDivine this evening, will be online tomorrow afternoon after 2pm, so get your LAST fix of ME before I leave because come Saturday night when I shut down MY pc - thats it - Im outtie and getting on an airplaneeeee until Wed !!!!

My greendot card came in - and I expect you boys to FILL IT !!!! Dont forget...( as if you could ) MY BIRTHDAY IS IN FOUR DAYS !!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Day 20 of Birthday Month

Yes bitches, Im slacking on doing My Blog updates ... so just wait for it - Im going to have a MAJOR photoslide tomorrow of all My pressies - Im just so pressed for time lately with My Birthday and My visit home !!!!

Tomorrow, I plan on doing last minute errands to the mall, dry cleaners and the bank. Im TRYING to get My Loft in order and clean before then ( as in now ) then - Ive got tentative plans ... Saturday - mid morning - Im having the weekenders over for My Birthday gifts to them - and then I'll be with GoddessDivine the rest of the day and will be online for Tributes and Greetings - then I leave early Sunday morning to HOME. I will have My sony mini pc with ME and will be mobile on My phone until I return, so dont worry pets, you will get your fix. I expect to wake up ON MY BIRTHDAY to a BUTTLOAD of Birthday CA$H !!!!! I'll be back late on Wed.

Ive been SO spoiled lately - in particular My pet marky - I saw this GUCCI watch on their website - and found it on amazon and :: POOF :: - it will be here tomorrow. Its so dreammmmmmy !!! :)

Also little stupid clitface came by and dropped off $300 to one account, $225 to another account, and $700 on Niteflirt. YES I ROCK. mackey also gave $225 - its NOT ENOUGH - MORE MORE MORE !!!!!!!!!!

SO look for another update tomorrow ! I HOPE - or rather - you hope ! HAHHAAH

Amazon Wishlist ......

YES its true bitches - on Day 13 - Im at 1306 ITEMS PURCHASED !!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA - oh you silly silly bitches - I love that you are suckerssss for ME and all MY MONUMENTAL GREED ! :) HAHHAAH ! Ive added bunches more - so get to it - OH and dont forget to send DONATIONS !

I picked up some packages at the Post yesterday, including two Guess? tops from marky - MY white GODDESS Arden B dress, lounge pants, nick swardson dvd and THE best gift - Dance, Dance Party Revolution ! HAHAHAHA GoddessDivine and I spent about six hours playing and dancing, so therefore, yeah, I didnt take ANY photos of the stuff I got cuz I made a huge mess and we danced around it ! HAHHAH and by the time we were done, we were exhausted, and I did the clean up and forgot to take pics. OH WELL ! :) I didnt make it to Post today though, I had grocery shopping to do ( boooo ! it was COLD ! ) and just made dinner cuz GoddessDivine is on her way here again tonight ! whoo hoooo ! :)

So marky got ME the new dishes - I love them ! last year eddie got ME the same designer - and I love them, but I always like to UPGRADE ! HAHAH :) AND he got the creamer/sugar set too ! rock the fuck on ! OH and some pretty nifty modern flatware, and ANOTHER handblown glass dick - HAHAHAH and MY favorite - i-vibe. MMmmmm buzzzzzzz :) and a wax kit ! YAY. OOOoh and also MY three digital phillips frames came for gifts too from marky ! YAY I rock !

OH and good news freaks, when I went out today to do errands, I got one of those reloadable green dot cards, so now all YOU freaks have to do is go to any grocery store pretty much, any CVS, Walgreens, etc and LOAD it - and you can use your credit card, then come back to the computer, and email ME the confirmation code, and I load it online to MY Pre Paid Visa ! hahahhahahahah YEAH I ROCK ! Also, last year AAA got ME $400 in those pre paid visas for MY Birthday that you can just buy and activate and SEND to ME ! DO IT NOW !

Im pretty busy this evening and tomorrow evening. As usual I will be around during the DAY to terrorize your credit cards ! OH little clitty face this morning stopped by and dropped off $300 to ME ..even though with the windows update last night he was UNABLE to see MY cam. Arent I Perfect ? Well, YES I AM ! :) I am expecting $250 from mackey tonight ... and he knows why - thats only PART of it - dont be scared - do it !!!!!!

Day 11 continued ....

Im back from getting My Gorgeous hair done :) Its SO shitty outside..its been raining non stop for 5 or 6 days. I hate Saint Louis winters. snow would be better than constant cold rain ! YUCK. Anyways, I ventured down to the post and picked up.... 

More Birthday Pressies !!!!

Philosphy scrub from brian, Burberry from tiny eddie, canister from tiny eddie and DVD and cards for gamenight from marky !

I love Lacoste - from tiny eddie ! :) Perfect !

7 for all mankind cropped jeans, white and black Guess? top from marky !

Ahhh the completion of MY White/Gold Goddess Outfit - with this MOVADO watch from marky !  * hearts ! *

close up ! :)

This dress from BEBE is from hollywood - OMG its SO hot its scorching !!!!  This little number is SO fierce !  YAY hollywood ! 

MORE MORE MORE !!!  I am at 1291 items purchased !  NINE away from 1300 !  I am THE Best !  losers fall at My Perfect Feet.  I am Relentless at what I want.  I will have MY way !  * grins *  

Im on and off tonight - best bet to catch ME before 10 bc then I'll be mobile bitches.

Day 11

Yes its Day 11 !!!! Im offline this afternoon as I get MY Beautiful MANE colored and cut with MY stylist !! then I'll be heading to the Post to pick up MY MANY BIRTHDAY PRESSIES !!!! Im so CLOSE to 1300 its making MY head spin ! YAY ! HAHHAHAHA

My marky of course went shopping yesterday and got ME TWO more pairs of 7 for all mankind jeans in 24 ( the SMALLEST SIZE they carry because Im SO thin and perfect ! ) HAHAH and moodboy popped out of no where and got ME a Guess? dress for summer and Guess? Princess Pink Top ! lovely indeed - moodboy - you know I just ADORE CASH Pressies from you too ! * grins * in fact losers - you really need to step up the DONATIONS - gifts are perfect - but CASH makes ME swoon !!!! I also got a random $75 amazon gc. whoopie.

I will be offline after 8pm - get used to it !
cash always

Day 10 - and......

Im at 1275 items PURCHASED on MY Amazon wishlist !!!! * giggles * THATS how I roll jealous bitches !!!!! ahhhh how I love being spoiled by MY pets !!! Its SO hot !!! :)

My tiny eddie booked MY flight home to Michigan for 23rd - 26th for MY BIRTHDAY ! This is a HUGE deal this year, as I havent been HOME ON My Birthday is nearly 9 years !!! Of course, the last four years Ive been with the weekenders and My David on My Birthday - so Im really excited to go home and see My Family ! :) YAY. YES, I fly for FREE on you suckers !

marky took care of MY neices, paretns and siblings Birthday gifts - two digital sony cameras and three digital frames :) HAHAH I still have to get MY favorite nephew something ... but I dont know what yet !!!! Also, 18th of Dec is special too and I have to find THE Perfect gift for you to buy ! hahah ahehehehehe.

SO I have so many photos this time around to brag and show off MY pretty pressies, that I thought I would do a slide show !!!! ( its easier than manually loading one photo at a time ! )

SO lets go thru it though !
:: AAA sent his measly $200 - he still owes ME at LEAST $200 - with Birthday Card and how funny is it that he put Star Wars stamps on the overnight package ? ! HAHHAHA ::
:: Calvin Klein Luxe Gold clutch and Gold Guess? strappies from marky ::
:: projection clock from brian - I love it ! and you've got some catching up to do ! ::
:: Pirates, heating pad, Joey's pet heating pad, shedding comb ( SUCKS ) Marciano RED jacket from marky ::
:: D&G bra from nicky - the panties came ages ago ::
:: THE PLAYSTATION 3 with REMOTE and extra CONTROLLER from tiny tiny little eddie ! OMG loveee it bitches - PLUS BluRay ! ::
:: Chanel earrings from marky !!! they are SO sparkly ! ::
:: MY D&G watch from marky too ! YAY I have to get it sized...its fucking HUGE and ::I:: have perfectly dainty wrists !
:: MY JUICY dress - OMG I LOVEEEEE it - SO much that I put the PINK on MY amazon list as well - its SO comfortable, but more than that - its understatedly SEXY !

AND whats been recently purchased on MY list and havent gotten yet ??? welllll, brian got ME some philosphy scrub ..... marky got ME 4 Guess? tops, Juicy boyshort panties, THREE digital photo frames, sony cybershot, two memory cards for it, tiny eddie got ME EIGHT new belly rings ( putting MY total to 35 belly rings !! HAHHAHAH ) some Burberry cologne as stocking stuffer gifts and D&G underwear ! I've gotten SOOOOOOOOO SPOILED by marky lately, its hard to keep track of it all - but I'll try - okay, three movies, SuperBad and GoodLuckChuck ( mmmm DANE )LoveActually, BUNCHES of Avon products, yoga pants, and 7 for all mankind cropped jeans...I THINK thats it, but I could be missing items !!!!! THATS how much Im SPOILED !!! hehehehe. marky ALSO paid for MY full brazilian wax AND My Hair appointment tomorrow !!! $200 cha chinggggg. someone donated another $50 to ME on AHP - but I dont know who yet !!!! hollywood sent out MY royal purple dress from BEBE AND also a clutch, so now I have choices for MY New Years HOTNESS !!!! and I sent something FUN to hollywood via email today - and I KNOW he will be going promptly to PP and making a donation :) * giggles *

OKAY - so later today - GoddessDivine will be visiting so if you suckers would like to make those credit cards BURN BURN BURN - OUR Perfect PEDS may be avaliable for cam perverts ! * hahahhahahhaha *

15 more items to the EXCEPTIONAL 1300 ITEMS PURCHASED on MY LIST - * snaps fingers * MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!! AND you will be TRIBUTING ME CONSTANTLY - as all of you freaks know - THIS MONTH - IM THE GREEDIEST I am ALL YEAR !!!! DONT MSG ME without CASH in hand - its MY BIRTHDAY MONTH bitch !!!! HAHHAHAAHA

Im off to nap for a few hours :)

Im Relaxing today !

I'll be doing another entry today - but I thought I would leave this with you all - because its just too funny.....

I actually remember these commericals !

Im offline today - I am recovering from a late game night that spilled into this morning, then errands, and have to do some cleaning and do mani/pedi and nap !
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