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www.phoenixtears.com ~ Miaka ~ AngelicFruitcake


Books - Harry Potter!! I admit, I'm a total Harry Potter geek. My ship is H/D. I adore this ship. There's just something so right about it, I don't care what detractors say. Also like SS/HP, SS/DM, and H/H. I love Anne Rice and she has influenced me a lot in my own writing. I'm so sad. No more Vampire books.

Movies: Lord of the Rings. All those pretty boys! Star Wars, the original, the new ones are just okay. Han Solo was the best. I was totally in love with him when I was in high school.

TV: Buffy. Big B/A shipper. And Smallville. CLex all the way. Why does Lex have to go bad???? Sex and the City. ::sniff:: That's all done now too. Let's here it for Carrie/Big.

Music: Placebo!!! I am just slightly obsessed. Brian is a sex god. I want to lick him. Everywhere. And Stef is such a sweetie. Love Evanescence as well. Amy Lee is amazing.