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Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

(no subject) [Aug10th20100608a]
I will not be here anymore...

But I will be here...

So Far... [Jul8th20100648a]
So far I have done three of the things on my Summer List.
finished the Unbearable Lightness of Being
My new card collection should be at Workshop by this weekend
Rearranged the livingroom (we actually just moved the book case)

I have also
+ solved all of our clothing storage forever (because I win garbage day)
+ turned 24
+ Applied for school and an internship until school starts
+ Found three new bands to discover things about!

I'd like to break my livejournal silence by declaring that I think "having" is too passive and tidy a word for the act of childbearing (I mean I haven't so I don't really know. But really you have to MAKE children don't you - I mean I have a cat, I didn't make him he just kind of "is" but children don't just exist like cats do.

Not that I am saying "make" is a better term "we'd like to make two or three kids", "we haven't decided if we want to make children or not"... "I am going to make this child on my own"... I guess they aren't a batch of cookies.

Just saying, there should be a better word.

Because this is what I think of when it's 44 degrees out and I should actually be hauling the AC unit out of the basement (but it's heavy/inconvenient/bad for the environment/expensive).

Summer to do list: [Jun14th20100220a]
Based on this post, some things I plan/want to do this summer include:

-Get serious about blogging
-Learn to play the trumpet and start a band with Patrick
-Sew all kinds of awesome clothes!
-Get my driver's license
-Go to Montreal for at least a day
-Visit St. Louis
-Finish reading "The Unbearable Lightness of being"
-Read "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and "The Great Gatsby"
-Rearrange the living room
-Go to lots and lots of midnight movies
-Have at least 5 picnics/beach days
-Go to at least one fancy-dress-up-party (or have one maybe).
-Watch the fireworks competitions at Lac Leamy from the gallery
-Fix my bike and go for a hundred bikerides
-Go to Sandy Hill Lifedrawing with Anna
-Start a new collection of cards!

Probably more things!

In case you have noticed, I have been Awol for the last few weeks and beyond [Jun13th20101031a]
It's because you need to go see this play:

featuring lady-love, sexy sailors and what we all know cowboys are secretly into:


Three things about me this week: [Feb17th20100549a]
I am trying to take more pictures of day to day things. (Uh oh now it's four things)


Here is the latest manifestation of my work space:

Here is what I have been working on:

And here, is the reason I am not a food blogger:


YOW to ARL Part 1 [Jan31st20101252a]
My first and very hopefully not last trip to Stockholm, I took some photos on my mom's camera so I'll upload those later but here is a first batch! I didn't take a lot of pictures of fun arty or fashion things because it was really cold the whole time we were there and my fingers froze. It was pretty miserable for the week and apparently we were having the worst weather they ever have there so I can't wait to go when it is nice out!

My mum infront of the houses that are on the front of the guidebook.

Hej Stockholm!Collapse )

I was just looking for the sea, but all I found was a desert around me... [Jan17th20100451a]
[hear |Summer Day - Coconut Records]

Thinking about all the things to do between now and then, but mostly thinking about bike rides and bare legs and dresses and air-conditioned movie theaters and muggy nights outside.

Click to see the GIF

Thursday at Kat'sCollapse )

5 days until Stockholm!

(no subject) [Jan7th20100627a]
2009 :

+ Had my apartment posted to Apartment Therapy

+ Exhibited at Montreal Nuit Blanche Art Souterrain with the Focus Group

+ Adopted Lewis (Worlds cutest animal and all around supercat)

+ Saw Peter, Bjorn and John in real life!

+ Went Vegan

+ Moved in with Patrick

+ Started reading War and Peace

+ Visted grownup friends in Toronto

+ Scored a full time job as a graphic designer

Things I am excited to do in 2010:

+ Take more photos

+ Make more art!

+ Wear better outfits

+ Go to Stockholm (in two weeks!!!)

+ Get into school (fingers crossed!)


(no subject) [Dec16th20090815a]
I am going to Stockholm is 6 weeks so that will be good.

Here are two good things about my day:
- Dinner with Gwen
-The Cat is trying really hard to sleep on the radiator but he is too fat and it is funny to watch him flailing around trying to stay on.

Three good things about yesterday:
- I got to see Rachael + try Bhead candy cane hot chocolate
- I sold 8 cards at workshop and made 25$
- I was able to afford an xmas prez for Sarah that she wanted.

And on Sunday I picked out a pair of pants for Christmas that I'm pretty excited about! (lame)

Because Patrick is the most hilarious [Jul17th20090124a]
He has come up with an idea inspired but this super douchey article on AskMen.com that was featured on Jezebel:
Ask Men think's You're Fat, Wants your boyfriend to tell you so...

(I highly recommend reading it, although it WILL make you angry: the article should be called "AskMen is a website for douchebags and wants to help guys show their fat girlfriends why she should kick his ass to the curb")

But to follow that, I am a pretty terrible housekeeper, mostly in the kitchen area, I never do dishes, I never mop, the floor is gross and when the kitchen is messy I freak out and hide from it (including not cooking/eating) at home.
Patrick is stellar, he actually CLEANS MY KITCHEN... which is special because he DOESN'T even live here (yet), and although he does contribute his fair share of dishes, he does much more than his share of the work. Back story aside, (and based upon the above article)

I give you "Patrick Thinks your (my)  Kitchen is Gross and Wants to Make Fun of ASKMEN.com by telling you so in passive aggressive ways..."

1. Take her to other girl's houses who have really tidy kitchens...

2. When he cleans the kitchen, take a photo and leave "clean kitchen" photos around the messy kitchen, additionally, leave kitchen magazines around open to photos of nice kitchens...

3. Sabotage the tidyness by leaving gooey things around on the floor...

4. Improve your own kitchen (divide the kitchen in two a la "I love lucy" and keep your half really tidy) Shaming facial expressions are a nice touch here...

5. Buy her kitchen stuff that she has no place for since there is SO much kitchen stuff...

... I might clean the kitchen today...

Resolutions #2 [Jul10th20091101a]
When I get home I will:

1) Fill my closet/dresser/bookshelf with my new fabulous things.

2) Finish my cards for the art show so that others may have fabulous things...

3) Take all of the non-fabulous things out of my closet/dresser/bookshelf and make pile on bed

4) Sort into Friends/Hush pile, and donate pile

5) Make them be out of my house.

6) Look fabulous every day forever!!!

(no subject) [Jun28th20090356a]
AHAHA ohps:


Cross Posted to my new BLOG [Jun28th20091146a]
So I have finally kicked myself and since I can't use "taking my attention away from my "art blog" which I never update anyways, I have started How To Go Lightly, Because I want to blog about art, fashion, news, pop culture and the like, I think of it as good practice for my future venture with Jes *wink wink*.

I think I'll continue to cross-post entries from there into this journal so you don't have to click all over the place to keep up...

So I am going to write it sitting on my pink couch in my even pinker apron, listening to Le Tigre and waiting for my Gluten Free/Vegan Self-Birthday Cupcakes to finish baking (second batch) so I can put my terrible Vegan-Banana Icing on them.

Patrick took me Birthday Present Shopping yesterday and since the bathrooms at The Rideau Center are disgusting I opted for Chapters, as I was waiting around outside I happened upon this BOOK in the humour section (Which for some reason Chapters has put right outside the bathroom)...

"Friend or Faux: A Guide to Pity Junkies, Creepy Clingers, Shallow Scenesters, and Other Girls Who Will Quietly Destroy Your Life" by Heather Wagner

The author I'm sure has the best of intentions, but I always have an issue with bad advice whether it's marketed as humour or not.

This book outlines types or friends, in a way which, although pigeon-holey is somehow fairly succinct and doesn't go too into depth.

My issue comes not with the way the author categorizes these friends into "Terrorist Threat Colour" categories, but the ones the puts where.

Low threat friends in this book are vapid, flaky and un-infections characters, where as more career-driven self-assured types seemed to be in the higher threat category. Annoying things include talking about DIY as annoying and weird but I guess to each their own... you wouldn't want to get glue on your new Choos, after all...

I'm not going to bother going into a tirade about this book since I only briefly skimmed it, what it make me think of is some of my less (according to this book) "safe" friends and how I think about them, and how they might be friends that you have too but haven't figured out how to appreciate:

The Friend who has the Same Food Allergies as you Friend: This friend is pretty awesome, mine shows up some times and makes me dinner, will taste bizarre "gluten-free-vegan-mud" tasting things that I try and cook, and understands why I'm picky about restaurants.

The Lives Far Away and Likes the Same Stuff as you Friend: I have three of these, soon to be four. I'm not a very good correspondent but I'm trying. These Friends are great for sending you stuff from where they are that they know you will like, and vice-versa. They are pretty great because since you don't see them too often you always have something wicked to catch up on and share. You also get to pick out things that remind you of them so that when you hear a Sarah Harmer or eat a giant sandwich you are filled with happy memories.

The (probably) Older than you who may or may not have made the same Mistakes you Might Make who you can Look up to Friend: Mine also has the benefit of having a really awesome attitude towards life (she'll know this is her because I told her so). So she's someone I feel like I can learn a lot from. I know she isn't perfect either and she makes me feel like I can be less afraid to try new things.

The Loud Center of Attention Friend: Personally I think these are awesome, especially if you need to go to a party where you don't know anyone. If she is more out-going then you are, you might meet EVERYONE and if you're not out-going, that's probably a good thing. I find this girl is as good at diffusing awkward social situations than she is at causing them and hey, it's all about balance.

The Married Friend: So she's totally busy and pre-occupied since the engagement/wedding... that's what email/facebook is for. I learned a lot about how I feel about marriage in general and since this friend is my age it changed my perspective on both the serious and non-serious parts of marriage. In a good way, in the 5 or so hours I spent at the wedding...

The "Boyfriend/Girlfriends's Gal-Friend" Friend: I am lucky to finally have a boyfriend who A) doesn't bitch about me to his friends, and B) Isn't insecure (not very anyways) about me being friends with them. The key to the "boyfriend/girlfriend's gal-friend" is time. One-on-one time, and alone time. You have to see these people as their own wicked-gal self rather than an accessory to your couple-dom or someone to be threatened by (they are often also threatened by you). And one-on-one time needs to apply to both you and them and your boy/girl and them (since they were theirs first).

I think the thing that made me the maddest about this book, yes "maddest" was that it ranked friends by their quantitative value to you. As a rule, you should probably surround yourself with people you LIKE. And a lot of that is YOU being a good friend to THEM. No friend is going to screw you over just because they are a busy Lawyer or kind of a "Slut".


It's been forever! [Jun21st20091110a]
So we are coming up on my twenty-third of Birthdays, I celebrated by moving all the furniture in my apartment, re-organizing my living room and moving my studio in to what I refer to as the write-off room. I think I'll feel safer being messy in there, but I do need to find away to un-stick the window so I can glue and paint and do smelly things.

That space (and others) might soon be divided with Patrick's boy things, in September if he decides to move in. I have decided that I need to make the apartment something I am happy with regardless of waiting for him so I am de-cluttering and moving and re-arranging ANYWAYS.

My mom was married last weekend at Lake Louise, it was really nice and now I have two entire families which is kind of cool, a step mom/brother and a step dad/sisters, it's very balanced and Brady-Bunchy but I think it's great, as if my family could POSSIBLY be larger!!

It's been awhile since my last update I suppose. I'll have photos later this week when so I can give Rachael my camera to take BACK to Alberta!

I dream about this garden (4:30):


Victoria day recap! [May19th20090954a]

Sunny days are the best!

And Sarah is the best, she's like my big sister, she knows everything about clothes and apples and kitties and she protects me from birds ALL THE TIME.

Sarah and I went to the Art Gallery and saw all the Arts for free museum day. We were going to go see the dinosaurs but neither of us had seen the art in awhile (and they have the best gift shop) Then we had brunch at the black thorn cafe. I had salad with squid and roast potatoes. I cant cook squid but if I could I could make it (Gwen can cook squid but she is gone, she can also make curry... I buy my curry in a little bag and microwave it and then eat it out of the bag while I cry inside, I cannot cook rice by myself... I know you're reading this...). Anyways here are pictures from yesterday.

I fell asleep before the fireworks.

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