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The next two weeks...

Yeah, I don't post much. But it's my journal and I think about 3 people may actively care so...

Tomorrow is my last day of work for two weeks - and it's not even going to be a full day at work! I get off at 11:00 tomorrow to go to our work picnic. It's being held at the Sky Sox game (the local AAA affiliate of the Colorado Rockies for anyone who is wondering). Once that's done, I'm taking my car to get an oil change and the tires rotated and inflated and all that fun stuff.

Thursday, my mom and sister will load in the car with me as we drive to Plainview, TX. That's the halfway point between us and Kileen, TX - which is where one of my nephews is living with his father and grandparents (this is the son of the sister in Iraq). We're all meeting up halfway and my nephew will be coming with my family on vacation for the next two weeks. So we'll pick him up and them drive back to Colorado.

On Friday, we'll finish getting things ready and then around 1ish start towards the Denver airport. We don't fly out until around 6:30 Friday evening, but you never know what traffic is going to be like. We'll fly from Denver to Indianapolis - where my other sister, her hubby, and my oldest nephew live.

Saturday morning I'm taking the oldest nephew (the one in my user pic) to Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch qualifying for the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. That night, we're having a birthday party for him. He turned 3 back at the beginning of July.

Not sure what all the plans are for Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, we'll all be packing up and making the 4 hour drive to central Ohio. I know Thursday night we're having a cookout with Dad's side of the family. And some point Friday night we'll head up to the county fairgrounds. This will be the first time in ten years that my parents have been to the county fair that we all sort of grew up in. That's where all of our time with mom's side of the family will be spent. Our lives revolve around the fair back in Ohio!

Sunday we'll head back to Indiana. We fly home on Monday. Then on Tuesday we'll make the Texas drive again to take my nephew home. I won't be back to work until August 6th and that makes me SOOO happy. I'm over work right now...
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The audacity of some people...

It still amazes me how the absolute idiocy of some people still manages to surprise me.

This past Tuesday night, I went to a baseball game. Just over the hill from my house is the field for the Colorado Rockies AAA team - the Sky Sox. One of my favorite Rockies players, Troy Tulowitzki, was going to be there playing as part of his rehabilitation from an injury earlier this season.

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Um... OUCH!

Just a friendly neighboorhood FYI...

A T-Pin through the bottom of your foot just where the arch of the foot meets the heel hurts like a bunch of words that I'm too nice to say.

And Johnson's LIED about their "No Tears" formula. Sure, maybe you won't cry if it gets in your eye. But when it's the closest soap within reach and your pour it on a puncture wound? BIG with the owwie!

I just felt I should let you all know. Never can tell when there might be a t-pin wound epidemic...

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Chocolate pudding and whipped cream make for a very happy Sara.

Unfortunately, they don't do much good on the calorie counter...  
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August Rush

Tonight, I finally got around to seeing this movie at our cheap theater here in town. I had wanted to see it ever since I saw the first preview and I have one thing to say...

It was most definitely worth it. I had heard mixed reviews, so I didn't have my hopes too high going into it. Whoever gave that movie a bad review should be fired. The moment it is released on DVD, I will be forking over my money.

I highly recommend this movie. And a box of tissues to go with it.
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Dear Sinuses,

Being able to breathe again would be very much appreciated.

Your host

Dear DayQuil and NyQuil,


A not so statisfied customer
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Candy Rec!

Just popping in for a moment to tell you that you need to RUN to your nearest candy selling establishment and find the Limited Edition Inside Out Junior Mints.

The chocolate is on the inside and I find that I actually prefer them over regular Junior Mints. And considering I absolutely adore the normal Junior Mints, it was a very pleasant surprise to find that I enjoy these more!

There's more chocolate to balance out the mint and it's just an all around pleasurable candy experience! So run out and buy!