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I'm gonna finally give up on my old habit of arranging the icons by number-in-each-fandom. Why? 'Cause I never make them all at once anymore and it's way too much work. xD;;

7 6 Non-shareable requests
3 shareable requests
16 Bleach
10 Harry Potter and Cast
10 Reborn!
12 Tsubasa
27 Angel Sanctuary
12 xxxholic
13 Tales of the Abyss
15 Phrases and Quotes
2 Extras (Twilight, Final Fantasy)

Some of the requests are up, but not all; suffice it to say I've been having a really difficult time in my life recently, so for quite a long stretch of time I really needed to make icons simply because I loved to, rather than because I had to. I hope you guys can understand, and I promise those who requested will get their icons, I swear. ^^


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As I said, everybody's requests will come, I promise, but here's what I could churn out for now. Hope you guys like 'em! ♥

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