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_asheniconsunumbrella! ♥

Hey guys! SO YES. _ashenicons IS MOVING.

I've had this journal since 2005, and I just felt like it was time for a change. Also, a whole bunch of people were forgetting the underscore when crediting me, so I thought this was easier. :P It's a community, which is easier for me, and just... ghjkdjkdgs. I'm very glad I'm moving. I'll no longer be posting anything in here, though - everything's to be unumbrellaed. ♥ If you've an incomplete request from me, don't worry - it'll be up at my community in my newest batch, I promise.

My beloved watchers: thanks for sticking with me. You can watch me there, or even affiliate if you've an icon journal of your own! Love you guys so much, thanks for believing in me, and I hope to see y'all on the other side!
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I'm gonna finally give up on my old habit of arranging the icons by number-in-each-fandom. Why? 'Cause I never make them all at once anymore and it's way too much work. xD;;

7 6 Non-shareable requests
3 shareable requests
16 Bleach
10 Harry Potter and Cast
10 Reborn!
12 Tsubasa
27 Angel Sanctuary
12 xxxholic
13 Tales of the Abyss
15 Phrases and Quotes
2 Extras (Twilight, Final Fantasy)

Some of the requests are up, but not all; suffice it to say I've been having a really difficult time in my life recently, so for quite a long stretch of time I really needed to make icons simply because I loved to, rather than because I had to. I hope you guys can understand, and I promise those who requested will get their icons, I swear. ^^


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As I said, everybody's requests will come, I promise, but here's what I could churn out for now. Hope you guys like 'em! ♥

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Because I feel like it, _ashenicons is now open to requests. You can request something I've never iconed before, if you so choose - it'd be cool if you provided me with an image beforehand, and then tell me if you want it shareable or not. ♥

There are only 10 spots available for requests. GO GO GO! ♥ ♥ ♥

{10/10 spots filled}

EDIT: ALL SPOTS FILLED! If you don't specify that you want your icon non-shareable, I'll assume it's shareable. Here is the status of each request; each WILL say shareable until y'all tell me otherwise! XD

1. geblitzt - non-shareable - Katou - in progress
2. slackwater - non-shareable - Kira - in progress
3. meganbmoore - shareable - Belial; Kira/Alexiel/Lucifer
4. kirkland - non-shareable - Jade/Guy - COMPLETE
5. chifred - shareable
6. boojums_snark - non-shareable - Fay; Belial; Sougo - in progress
7. katesmannequin - shareable - Misa/L
8. aeternitasbeach - shareable
9. silly_potato - shareable - Draco/Hermione - COMPLETE
10. danbi - shareable - Doumeki - COMPLETE
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106 icons, I believe...

22 Harry Potter
21 Yami no Matsuei
20 Tsubasa
17 Bleach
14 Twilight
8 Angel Sanctuary
4 Extras (Double Arts, Hana Kimi, Anna Netrebko)

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That's 117 icons!

35 Bleach
35 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
15 Angel Sanctuary
15 Supernatural
8 House
9 Misc: Wicked, Hana Kimi, Yami no Matsuei, and other stuff I forgot to code into the other sections. xD

Teasers much?

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OMG. A POST. OMG. But it's only 70. D:

22 2008 Tony Awards
12 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
10 Hana Kimi
10 Bleach
5 Model
5 Quotes/Phrases
4 Wicked
1 Ouran High School Host Club


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As most of you have probably noticed, I've been on hiatus for the better part of a year. School and travelling made it difficult for me to do much of anything, unfortunately.

I do, however, plan to update soon, with a very... different batch. Keep your eyes peeled!