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i want a lover.. [entries|friends|calendar]
but i dont want love

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5:09pm September 18th]
im done with thissss..


9:44pm August 17th]
[ mood | crazy ]

1-2 health occ 1/king
3-search for ident/hatfield(with ang):-)
4-adv algebra/bawks
5-world history 1/ebury
6-cp chemistry/liegghio

let me know if we have some classes
ps. does any1 have health occ 1st and 2nd hour.. i want to see if some1 wants to drive with me;)

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11:40am August 14th]
this is my last one....
so if you would like comment!
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12:49am August 10th]
[ mood | crazy ]

okay i missed this thing.. myspace is kinda gay there is no point its the same as lj but u cant write alot in it... sooo hey guys im back lol
wow school soon//this sucks im forced to do good or else i get my car taken away and sold!!!!
i have a job at timhortons the one in new balt. come visit me even tho i have a gay outfitt to wear;)ohh well its kinda sexyy..tennis in like a week!!!!SWEET im excited i get to do it with my three best friends ang,maress and manda well i hope and wish manda does it:)<3 but the sad tthing is mandii or lindsey is not doing it this year sooo its going to suck and no1 will sing with me on the bus:( wow its sad talking about it!ummmmm summer is great the best one soo far!!!boys are gay but hey w.e i dont need one im better off having fun with my friends//thats the way to go man!

so yeahh how about people leave me comments and get the lj thing started up again;)

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10:49pm July 26th]
[ mood | crushed ]

i think im done with this lj!! its not fun anymore and no1 really ever comments or anything sooo
peace out guys :)

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12:58pm July 8th]
[ mood | dirty ]

im so confusedddddd;;;i hate it how once i get want i dont want it anymore...

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1:20pm June 30th]
[ mood | energetic ]

soooo yeahh its summer and so far the best one yet:)
i got back from mexico on tuesday
and wow i love mexico so much i weather was so nice everyday
i hung out with ang yesterday:) and today im hanging out with her and maressey:):)
woo im excited..latley things have been really good and life is just good nothing to complain about
sooo yea im done
i would like alot of comments sence i have a pimp lj because my eerie re did it:)



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11:29am June 17th]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wo0o0o last day of SCHOOL

summerrrrrr :D







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8:46pm June 9th]
[ mood | cranky ]

well this week was pretty fun
monday ang rode the bus home with me we walked from my house to her house.. which was a long walk but wally picked us up a little ways and drove us to her house
then eric came over and hung out with me and ang.. had some good times:D
tuesday went to work
wed. played some tennis with maresss :)
today went to angs house.. hung outside the whole day and swam which was nice because i love being with my boo<33333:)

this weekend should be fun im pretty excited

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8:44pm May 31st]
[ mood | busy ]

today was a boring day.. everyone is kinda cranky.. but oh well im not :)
after school layed around and went to my sister's honor society banquet and i got to sit right next to ang<3333 what a mistake that was.. soo i took some pics...
.ENJOY.Collapse )

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10:42pm May 29th]
[ mood | confused ]

very bored... talking to mike right now and well hes making my laugh and saying bad things about people that he shouldnt be saying... hahahaha
but im tired im going to bed after and boring dayyy



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2:23pm May 25th]
yeahhh maybe i should just move on and forget about him
i really hate waiting

i dont know why i bother falling for someone
i always end up like this

comment to make me feel better:)
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2:23pm May 17th]
[ mood | sore ]

OKAY so today was a half day marcella rode the bus home with me. we get home pick up mike and eric then go to mcdondals were we find glen so we all ate lunch with him then me marcella eric and mike drive to some park on 21 and just walk around in the trails we only stayed for a bit because marcella had to be home by 12:30 so we dropped her off and mike and eric came over wow i really have to say wow. we had some interseting times.

first we sat outside and talked then they decide lets go on the golf cart. so we get on that mike drives around for a bit so does eric then me then eric got back on it and we were turning off of a street when he started to go right but then decided he wanted to go left.but instead the golfcart did this weird thing i flow off of it into a huge ditch filled with water and i landed in face first. then the golfcart came right after me smashing on top of my head. making it so were i could not get up to breath or anything. so i was stuck under water. with one side of my face smashed onto half rock half mudd .all the sudden i hear eric get her out of there.. so mike and him get the golfcart off of me. and i just layed there trying to think of what just happend. sooo i got up and i was covered in mudd like from head to toe i have a few scraps and a big huge gash on the top of my head.. we were all okay which is the good thing.

after all that was over we cleaned up the golfcart, changed, talked and waited for their clothes to come out of the wash.then i dropped them off. took about two showers and washed my hair three times.
yeaa today was about one of the most exciting half day of my life even tho some scaryy stuff went down i had alot of fun.i love you mike and eric haha.
now im sitting here in so much pain soo i think im going to ice my head and take a little nap.


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1:18pm May 15th]
[ mood | cranky ]

yesterday..went to james house. everyone just stood around and talked.
and any people made ass's out of them selfs which was funny to watch sence i was the only one who didnt drink :) yesss i am very proud of myself i dont do that whole drinking and driving shit. anyways after that i went back to maress's with kate and ang. and mike berg came over for a bit and hung out with us then after he left we went to bed because we were soo fricken tired
in the morning hung out ate some breakfast.and i came home. now im sitting here trying to keep my eyes open and im hoping something will happen so i dont have to go into work :(

well comment if you want.

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3:03pm May 13th]
[ mood | crazy ]

so yeah mandii made my lj SWEET.
yeaaa shes good at all this stuff im not all i know how to do is update this piece.
anyways going to the movies tonight havent been there sence january. so it should be fun


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weekend. [Monday
8:01pm May 9th]
[ mood | confused ]

friday had to work.blah blah blah.
saturday woke up went out with my mom came home picked up manda and went to the mall with her and my sister. of course had alot of fun with her :)
me and manda came back here got ready and went over to mike neiman's and hung out with him vince and mike berg:)yeahh toook a nice little walk with vince and mike berg which they both though they could beat up on me but i showed them lol yeahh got back to mikes and vince continued to try and beat me up but failed at that so after that little game was over layed on the couch with vince and watched some meet the fockers with the rest of the gang.after the movie was over dropped vince off and then dropped manda off at home came back to my house talked to vince on the phone for a bit and then called ang and talked to her till about 1:30am and then went to bed
sunday went to the cemetery came home got ready and went to my aunt's and uncle's for mothers day. had a nice little time with the family even though i got beat up the little ones ..there little beast
omg hahaha there so strong.
yeahh later came home did some homework and all that good stuff.
today ang came over for a bit and hung out with her:)

cuteeeee :)


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12:12pm May 1st]
[ mood | confused ]

last night=awesome!!!i had a little bonfire.ang,maress,will,ed,shane,katie,and kayla :)all came. we drove and raced the golfcarts and then sat around the fire and talked the whole night kate and kayla got there late and left early:( and shane also got there late.but wow it was so much fun we were all so goofy wow.. i had a great night.. after ang spent the night. and we talked and listened to some weird people outside my house talk and pretend tlike they were drunk haha and then went to bed. in the morning.ate.rode the golfcart.got a slurpee.and drove ang home :( but tonight i get to work with ang and mandii im so excited. tonight is going to pretty fun for a work day:)


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3:09pm April 29th]
[ mood | cheerful ]

c.o.m.m.e.n.t. just say something to make me laugh i could use it

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8:03pm April 27th]
[ mood | happy ]

today=very interseting:)
first we had a half day which is just sweet enough..then after school me ang and maress all went over to kates.lmao we got a ride from matt cantolno hahahha (show off/off roading) what an adventure.
well anyways he drove us to seros where the sweetest guy in the world met us up there GLEN!!!! we ate had some good times. then glen drove us back to kates we talked i rolled around on her ball and wreslted a little with big M-DOGGGG and of course i won:D..after all those good times ang went home:( kate went to work:( and me and maress heading back to her house were we ate dinner talked and then we went to famous foot wear.payless.and target hahaha man it was a party there we ran into will shane and of course my fav. MRS LISA :) and we talked with them for a bit then we ran into matt misiake.who is also a very pimp kid. after that adventure we took EERIE to pick up some stuff then they drove me home :( it was a sad moment to leave them and Jo-Jo hahahaha man i love that family..
well anyways im so happy today im in the best mood ever because i had a sweet half day andi finally got my phone back and my dad may be letting me get a nextel which im even happier about becuase he was all against me getting one.

sooo yea comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6:46pm April 23rd]
[ mood | cranky ]

home from camping.. had a great time while it lasted the weather sucked ass. but i love my boo so much.(limegreen braclet)looking at it right now:)

comments if you missed me:)


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