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To honor those who died 9/11/01 [Sep. 11th, 2005|04:50 pm]
[mood |exhausted................]
[music |"Jesus of Suburbia"-Greenday]


This is all I can make for now to honor those who died in the September 11 attacks.

I forgot to mention, today is also my friends birthday so

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OH THANK GOD!! [Aug. 11th, 2005|11:12 pm]
[mood |cheerful*does happy dance*]
[music |Nothing.....]

I GET TO STAY IN MY BAND CLASS!!! My mom is going to take me to the pet shop tomarrow to get me a new bird. As a matter of fact, she's going to get me two birds (a male and female) I'm trying to think of some names for them.I'm thinking about calling them Ed and Winry(just a thought). The torn ligament in my knee is healing up kinda and I can play at P.E. now. It seems as if everything in my last comment has been made better in just a matter of days.

P.S. I really don't need to fill my Livejournal with useless rambling like this *bricked*

~Dragon over and out!~
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This week and the past week have been awful [Aug. 9th, 2005|01:51 am]
[mood |depressedI can't believe my bird died]
[music |Wake me up when september ends-Green Day]

First of all, I got news that I might be taken out of my band class and put in an extra math class. Second of all, I found out that I either have a torn tendon or ligament in my leg. And finally (this is the worst part) Just a few minutes ago, I found my pet bird (who I've had since I was 8) lying dead in her cage (I'm still crying my eyes out now)
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