Alison (_artanis_) wrote,

I just watched the 2011 adaptation of Jane Eyre and was mostly impressed.  The filmmakers didn't steer away with how dark and dysfunctional the relationship is, the disproportionate power, how much older Rochester is than Jane, just how messed up that scene is where he basically threatens her, and my favorite, that whole nasty bit with her cousins, which usually gets eliminated entirely from film adaptations.

Jane Eyre is definitely not a love story.  Although I'm honestly not sure Charlotte Bronte knew that.  I always had to wonder about her - while Wuthering Heights (which I just can't stand) and Tenant of Wildfell Hall (which I am very fond of) aren't exactly uppers, there isn't the degree of depression that comes across in Jane Eyre and especially Villette (understandable considering when it was written).
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