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meh. i feel like i could write a book dedicated to the delicacies of the old women i deal with every day at the salon. maybe one day i will take the time to write an entry about it, but i'm warning you, it will be a long entry.

i will be able to pay all of my tuition & housing bill on time i believe, which is nice. i just have to get up tomorrow and get to the bank @ security to cash my check and give frank the phone bill money.

i'm tired so i'm going to take a quasi-nap while watching snl and waiting for my wonderful, sexy, smart boyfriend frank.

and everyone should see the movie garden state at least once, if not six times.

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meh. i deposited $270 into my bank account today, so tomorrow or whenever it shows up i will be able to pay $290 of my tuition bill, which will leave $177 left. not too bad, hopefully i'll manage the rest. i am working a lot this week and so even tho i get paid crap, i should have some money. i still don't even know if i get paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. i do feel more comfortable at my new job tho, the stylists have warmed up to me. it takes a while; the clients have to trust and enjoy me first, and then once they start telling the stylists that i shampoo well, then the stylists will make sure i shampoo their people. and blah blah blah. it would be nice to have a set schedule so i am not asked to work 6 days a week.

i still called another salon a mile closer down rt 40 today tho. i am so horrible. it would be nice to make more than $4/hour even with tips.

i'm going to wait to buy my textbooks until classes start. i should only have to buy two books or so anyway. one of them is like $10-15 online used and the other is a more expensive art book, around $80. sucks but eh. and then i have to get frankie some awesome birthday presents. it sucks that the first day of classes is his birthday, but hopefully he won't be working and i think i finish classes at like 4:30.

i can't think of anything else to say right now.

love you

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oh crap.

i was alright until i decided to check my umbc account balance again and saw that they had just assessed my "single room fee", which is $230, so now i owe them a total of $467. this makes me sad anyway, but umbc is silly because they give you 20 days to pay the bill from the date they bill you. the thing is, the date they "bill" you is usually at least 5 days before anything shows up on your online account or any bill comes in the mail, so you really have like 15 days to pay it before any late fees are charged on top of them. but whatever. i will get through that. and i have to buy warped tour tickets, i believe we are going. and i still have to go to work at 4. oh boy oh boy. and it's hot.

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sorry for stealing, clark. maybe you're too coked up to notice, though.

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and conor, you should uh, get help...

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it is that time again. the breaking point for me where i am depressed to be at home and not away somewhere like school. luckily, i have just over a month more to wait to move back in, and for a week of that time i will be at the beach. it figures that i am so lucky with so much and then whatever else that is left over that i can't control turns completely to crap. i wish i was adopted. even when i was little i thought about what would happen if my parents died and i had to move in with relatives. but with such bad luck i have on the homefront, my fantasy would probably turn into a nightmare and i would have to live with my redneck whitetrash aunt instead of the fewer untrashy relatives i have and i would also get breast cancer and lung disease and die. oh god it's so annoying.

i imagine if they had any other daughter besides me she would look like those trashy girls with their hair completely gelled back and gross looking and at night she would slit her wrists and then go play with her three year old son jamal.

so i have this new job as a shampoo girl at another salon that is 3 blocks away from the salon i am currently working at. i am going to probably die. i only work 2 evenings and every other sunday morning cleaning the first salon and get paid $9/hour with my new raise. sadly, it's still not enough to support myself right now. what is even more sad is that the new job pays $4/hour and so i work a buttload of hours and this week i only get $160 for all of it. this means i am going to have to get used to not using all of my tips as spending money and actually use some of them to pay my bills, which is sad. and i don't even know if i'm going to be able to keep up this second job once school kicks in, so it's a little bit of a gamble on my part. but if school comes around and it's too much, i won't feel bad about quitting because i know i work hard and i know what my priorities are. besides, conor is so sexy and cool so i'm sure she would always let me work with her at the office if i needed to. it's a lot more convenient and a little less scary.

tonight in lieu of running i did 60 crunches. that is not really much but whatever. and i just didn't go running because i am always thinking about eating and my cravings are especially strong around 8. so i ended up eating some easy mac around 8:40 and was like, "oh damn, now i am full and can't run".

"oh damn, gotta go"


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It's amazing how energetic tearing apart one's computer can be. After anally(sp?) raping my computer, router, and wireless network for a while, operation get-internet-in-my-room was successful. Any reason whatsoever left for me to be on the internet at 4am now? No. Maybe frank will get on and i will talk to him, but probably not. either way, i will be up at 12, and frank probably won't.

let's have sex.

i'm going to shoot my fucking computer and its stupid wireless pci adapter. FUCK! i just want to be writing this from downstairs. i wouldn't have a need to be writing this if my adapter worked downstairs, but godamnit i could go to sleep finally and have some worthless aim message up but at least i would have my peace of mind. so frustratingggggggg. i changed my mind, it's too hot to have sex.