jessica (_arspoetica_) wrote,


some notes from tonight that apply to everyone:

the power of spoken word:
what is meant by spoken word is what you physically say out loud versus what you think. It's great having positive thoughts, but if you're not speaking them out loud it doesn't do as much.
- Edify with your words.
- Use what you say to reinforce positive instead of negativity or doubt
- Your mind has trouble differentiating between a truth and a lie. You spend most of your time fighting these thoughts. You can't erase negative thoughts by just thinking positive thoughts, you have to also say them.
- Are you speaking what you want? A basic example is when someone asks how you're doing. You may say "I had a bad day yesterday and today is just getting worse." Try adding "And that's just the way I want it" onto the end of that sentence. If that doesn't make sense, you're probably not thinking very positively, let alone thinking positively.
- Start speaking to other people what you expect from them. There's a way to talk to even the most difficult people that will influence their actions for the better.
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