jessica (_arspoetica_) wrote,


i just made curtains.

they're okay. they're actually the same curtains i've had on my windows since i about moved into my room, but now they are actually on a curtain rod. so all i did was used an iron-on hem to fit it on the curtain rod. screw you.

and it's really hot. i don't want to really go anywhere to save gas and money, but it would be nice to have somewhere to be in the AC all day or at least until frank comes home from work. 5 or 6 more hours to go. maybe i will paint something to pass the time. 2 more weeks until i move back into school, that will be nice. i am actually excited about the dining hall. i desperately need to eat more healthly food and increase my calcium intake. i am not a fan of milk, but i do love cheese, and there is also some tasty chocolate milk back at school. i think my pants have been more baggy around the waste on me, i'm not sure. but i don't know what to think about that because basically my pants size is determined by my hips, which are bone. so my hips haven't gotten smaller, and while i may be on the lower side of my weight range, i don't think my waist got that smaller either.

work is going well but i'm crazy so yeah. tomorrow after work at my 2nd salon i am going to an interview at a 3rd salon that is transitioning into a full spa. if the 3rd salon paid well and interested me, i might be willing to quit the 2nd salon. the only problem is the people are all really nice at the 2nd salon, and so it would be hard for me to quit.

i will probably play some 50 games of spider solitaire today. i also might watch some of my brother's and mother's dvd collection, which includes bambi, and for some reason, something's gotta give, and the village. maybe i will watch that last scene in the village to see if it was really a boom mic or not. yawn.

love you
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