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Last call...

...Does anyone want our lounge suite? It's a 2.5 seater and 2 armchairs. Sort of a creamy/grey colour, slightly cat scratched (pulled threads on arms which could probably be trimmed off) but otherwise entirely intact. Has got quite dirty over years, but only needs a steam clean to be back to new.

Free to good home - can be either picked up from our place in Auburn between now and next Wednesday, or from Petersham on Thursday afternoon/evening. Please take it off our hands before I have to post to freecycle!


I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that games with first-person perspective make me motion sick. Great.

Obligatory Xmas post.

Awesome Christmas songs. They are few and far between, but worth it.

Paul Kelly. Makes me cry every time.

Everyone's favourite...

And to in case you though it would be all gravitas....

Diet progress.

* 5% of starting weight lost.
* 3 comments from work colleagues.
* Needed to buy a belt for jeans last weekend.
* Next week should hit the 5kg mark.

In other news, PS3 acquired. If and when we are financially viable again, there will be SingStar purchases. From there, shitfaced karaoke evenings are bound to ensue.


Cook electrocuted in Newtown cafe

...Does anyone know which cafe this was? I feel strangely anxious that it could be someone or somewhere we know...
I know a few of you were wanting to sign up for derby... I have Riedell R3 skates in men's size 6, a spare set of outdoor wheels, knee and elbow pads in size S, and wrist pads and a helmet in size M. Each used about 3 times and the knee pads and skates have a few scuffs to prove it. All in all worth about $425, but I'd be happy to pass them on for $300 (or separately if it suits better).

Also, I have a pair of Bauer V2 rollerblades in size 6 US. Price negotiable.

You'd never guess I mismanaged the banking this week. *sigh*

Anyone on my flist with tiny feet?

...I just bought the world's smallest so-called size 7 shoes from Ebay. They're just cheap faux leather ballet flats, but by my estimate they fit more like a 5.5 or 6 at the largest.

If someone wants to take them off my hands, that would be great. If they wanted to give me $5 so I feel like I wasted less money, that would be truly awesome....

In other news, I'm embarking on the horror of dieting, and giving Lite n Easy all my money for the privilege. Hopefully the gnawing hunger will settle after a few days. Dinner and breakfast were okay, but I spent the whole afternoon hungry after lunch (still on Day 1). Not sure how I'll cope with the lack of booze and chocolate though. If I can get back to a size 10-12 and then stick to the routine of much smaller portions, it will have been (mostly) worth it. Am wondering whether I should buy scales so I can have the satisfaction of seeing a result without measuring waistlines...

Thankyou, Stephen Fry...

...for providing me with my SQUEE! moment of the evening via Last Chance to See.

World's Tiniest Chameleon!


And now the World's Tiniest Primate!