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Midwestern Running

Title: A Personal History of Midwestern Running
Author: nieded
Pairings/characters:  Merlin/Arthur
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 20,094
Warnings: None
Summary:  Modern high school AU. “Everyone knows you’re talented Arthur,” she interrupts, “but when a team has to choose between you and some other runner of equal ability, they’re going to look at what else you have to offer to the team and to the school. du Lac says you’ll be the men’s captain in the fall, and I think this experience will help you prepare. -- in which Arthur coaches Merlin on how to run.
Author's notes: This story wouldn't be possible without my wonderful beta, inspiredlife, who took the time to read this multiple times, e-mail back and forth, and even remind me to check-in when I had spaced out and forgotten. Editing actually became fun! Phe, you have all my gratitude, and I can't say enough how much I thank you for your hard work!
Disclaimer: Merlin belongs to BBC and in no way am I making any profit -- unless you count my boosted self-esteem as profit after finally finishing this! In that case, you can't have that.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Soundtrack + bonus art!

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Original; Ashes--Ashes--

Title: Ashes--Ashes--
Author: nieded
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~5,000
Notes: Written for my creative writing workshop. DVD commentary and bonus material at the end.
Summary: They had transformed humans into a virus.

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Original Fiction; How Sweet and Decorous

Title: How Sweet and Decorous
Author: nieded
Word count: ~4,000
Summary: Only five today, he quoted. Qualified young adults are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Are you not proud to die for your country? Have I not fed you and clothed you? Are you so ungrateful as to not return the wondrous things I have done for you?
Notes: See end

How Sweet and DecorousCollapse )

The History of Need: original fiction

Title: The History of Need: original fiction
Author: nieded
Rating: PG-13
Discaimer: Text taken from sources without permission, cited in endnotes. I make no monetary claims nor do I consider the quoted dialogue as my own. In no way are any of these scenes supposed to mirror and reflect the actors and the choices they made in studio (if you're reading this, Phan).
Notes, credit, and thanks at end.
Word count: approx. 4,000
Summary: Then: for a fleeting moment Mya thinks she catches sight of him again, his backpack slung over his tattered shirt as he pushes his way through the busy streets leading to Tomkins Square on a Sunday. The smoke and stench wafts toward her, a billowing plume, and she watches it swallow Torch whole.

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And here is the playlist I made that accompanies the story:

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A Year In Review '08

Yearly fic round-up! I didn't do much this year! And it was aaaalll for Ianto Torchwood. Murrr.

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English 203 Poetry

As a creative writing major, I've finally completed my first creative writing workshop. Our final revisions are due for tomorrow.

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** Or download the .pdf here. Let me know at any time if this link expires and I will renew it or just e-mail a copy of the .pdf file.

The first two: "Motherhood" and "Babcia" were inspired by my grandmother's recent bout of illness. I am thankful to say she has recovered. "Babcia" is "grandmother" in Polish.

"Losing the Game" initially was a persona poem about dead plants. However, for a fun revision exercise, a classmate made the rules that the it must be a terza rima and use bowling metaphors.

"Red Self-Portrait" is an ecphrastic poem based on Ed Paschke's artwork of the same title. The creepy thing the photo I use does not justify at all is that it's a hollogram, so the face follows you wherever you go. Currently, one version of this portrait is hanging in the Chazen Art Museum located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Torchwood; The Merits of Subtlety

Title: The Merits of Subtlety
Author: nieded
Fandom; Pairing: Whoniverse; Jack/Ianto
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I forgot to post this bit, oops. I am in no way affiliated with RTD or Beebs or anything else that's officially Torchwood. Yay!
Word Count: approx. 7,000
Summary: A cracky meta-fic. When Torchwood recruits a new member, only Ianto knows if she’s a friend or foe but has a difficulty remembering which.

The Merits of SubtletyCollapse )

Apologia; Original Fiction

This is the short story I'm submitting for critique next week in my creative writing workshop. I'd really appreciate any comments or constructive criticism from my flist as you all are most familiar with my writing. This is the first time in university that I'll be sharing what I've written. Thank you!

Title: Apologia
Author: nieded
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,600+
Summary: At bottom, robotics is about us. It is the discipline of emulating our lives, of wondering how we work.
ROD GRUPEN, Discover Magazine, June 2008

ApologiaCollapse )

Thank you for your feedback!

Composition; Torchwood

Title: Composition
Author: nieded
Fandom; Characters: Whoniverse; Ianto-centric, Jack/Ianto, Gwen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood. Those rights belong to the BBC and RTD. I’m just borrowing!
Author’s Notes: Sources are included at the end.
Warnings: Spoilers for any episode pertaining to Canary Wharf. AU. Themes involving genetic engineering.
Summary: Although it wasn’t clear initially, we have found many materials bearing the Torchwood symbol. Obviously, since Torchwood Three is the only functioning Torchwood cell remaining, you have first rights. If we could have your immediate response, there are several unidentified and what we think are potentially dangerous items.

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This past week and a half, I've been skipping class and homework to begin my novel, and so far I've only scrapped up bits and pieces.

Synopsis: It takes place in the 35th Century after humans have colonized part of the galaxy. Andrea is twenty-seven years old and struggling to find work after university. She is the only one of her family who does not live on Earth except her grandfather Marvin Walter. Marvin is a revered scientist who has broken ground with his contributions to the company Think-Exist, an android service. However, in his old age he wants to retire back to the mother planet, leaving Andrea by herself. Before he departs, he gifts her an android and havoc ensues.

Mainly, my goal with these sections are both exposition and character development. It's a bit of a romance, yeah, and part social-commentary. Approximately 6,600 words. The entire storyline takes place over one year, and these sections are scraps from the first six months.

Let me know what you think of the bare bones!

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