Archeon's Voice

The World as Seen Through the Eyes of One Who Never Forgot.

Eric Shehan
27 May 1976
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They say that when you grow up you lose something. An innocence, a spark, an imagination. Maybe an understanding, or a point of view, or the language of babies and angels. Maybe it's something you forgot.
I never did.
alpaca, amber and akasha, amtgard, angels, ascension, astral, baron samedi, bliss, bonfires, candles, cats, celestial, celts, changing people's minds, chango, coffee, corvates, cowrie shells, cuddling, damballah, dancing, divine union, divinity, djembe, dragons, drum circle, drumming, dumbek, ecstasy, ecstatic living, elegua, elfquest, elves, enlightenment, erin, eternity, existance, fae, faeries, fairies, fire, firelight, forests, freedom, fur rugs, glitter, god, goddess, goin' potty, hawks, healing, hearing, hot baths, human development, ifa, imagination, intimate sensuality, intriguing conversations, jesus, kissing, knowing, laughter, learning, life, light, loa, love, lovemates, loving, lwa, magick, making love, martial arts, massage, mead, meditation, mirrors, moon, multiverse, music, my clan, mysticism, myth, nudity, obatala, ochosi, ogun, omni-sexuality, orisha, oshun, other world, oya, paganism, peace, people watching, percussion, petting people, philosophy, pixies, psychoactives, psychology, rainbow serpent, rivers, rum, sacred sex, sacred sexuality, sandman, seeing, self knowledge, self-discovery, sex, shamanism, shape-shifting, shiny lights, silk, smelling, smoking, snuggling, soft blankets, spirit, spirituality, squirrels, star wars, stars, streams, suede, sun, sword play, tantra, tasting, teaching, the divine spark, the human body, third shift drumming, tigers, touching, transcendence, unconditional love, universal engineering, winged beings, wolves, yemoja, yin-yang, yoga