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When She Walks She's Like A Samba

Nothings happened.

I mean, honestly nothing. Ive filmed a few roles, bent a few petitions for my distructon over my knee to give them naughty naughty spankings.

Scott Morrison has started an online petition against the George A. Romero film, “Diamond Dead”. He was horrified to find a cast of Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Depp, and Shock rocker Marilyn Manson playing the role of a pot smoking Jesus Christ. The petition calls for either the offending scenes to be deleted or the movie banned altogether.

I would be angry too. We all know that Jesus clearly felt that pot should not be smoked, but rubbed silkily about his testicles. I talked to Ramero about changing up the scene so that I could rub oil on myself and moan sporadically.

The footage was shot, and will be running in a fifteen minute spot before A Night In Paris.

Songs of Golgotha is for all extensive purposes, finished. We're just waiting on a few legal matters, because there are a few cover songs on the album.

In other news, Because everyone says this place is largely dead;
Ich habe übernommen. Befolgen Sie mich oder sterben Sie!! Befolgen Sie Herrn Doktor! Oder ich esse Ihre Babys!

Comment here to be conquered.
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