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I'll become your painted clown, I'll paint your town.

I don't know what possible excuse I can give for my absence other than I forgot I had this. You see, my last post was me, quite intoxicated. Lovely.I can quote Orwell while drunk of my Winkelstück, recall passwords, balance a check book and make sweet sweet love to the better half of my couch (The prettier half, really) and yet I can't seem to manage the theory "Pants" without being every so slightly under the influence. Oh, but I can manage to settle lawsuits. Yep. Have to be sober for them deserts. Or at least do a very good impression.

Well, needless to say I haven't responded to any comments because I haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about. Coy that?


The Doktor's week at a glance;

Didn't loose my suit against Daisy B. Asia's produce is ripe and so is Miss Zoe Lacchei's Book conquering yours truly. Dita's in London and I...Well I am still pants less on the couch like any good provider should be. Rarhar. and Hail.
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