_arahna_666_ (_arahna_666_) wrote,

Angel of disgrace

In the depth of heaven,
In the place of love
I stay alone and never
I’ve felt so much above
Above this silly nonsense
That anyone can say
Above one million voices
Which cry and laugh and pray.
One can touch my fingers,
One can stroke my face
But with my soul it’s needless,
My soul lives in the space.

Oh, please, don’t try to tame me, baby
Just let me go and bless
I will come back to this land may be -
No one can fly sans cesse.
Oh, please, don’t try to hurt me, baby,
Don’t break my wings and nest
One day I’ll bring you love and may be
This love will shine sans cesse.

My soul lives in the space
Collecting new emotions,
I’m angel of disgrace
And devil in devotion.
I sacrifice my whole life
To winkle out the truth,
It’s always kind of high dive
And something you should lose.
To never lose your feelings
I need to compromise,
I will touch down this evening
To see your loving eyes.

Спасибо за вдохновение, Лю..
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