September 13th, 2007

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типа песТня... или хрен знает что... ) да на самом дле мне пох... это всё он, космос))

fucking flight

I hear the voices from the depth of heaven,
From the bottom of my glass and they say
Go and kill them, they raped your devil
Thousand times and they have to pay.

I hear the laughter of shooting barrels,
The scream of the leaves when I walk,
I’m in time as always, I see these fellows
I wanna kill and they wanna talk.

Such a nonsense! I’m flying so high
While dancing on the edge of the night
And they have to pay and certainly die
I’ll show them my heaven, my fucking flight.

I’m flying so high, too high to be tamed,
I’m flying so high, you can’t understand,
Too high to be bored, to high to be worried,
Too high to be married, calm down being buried,
I’m flying too high… And this is my fight.
This is my fight and you gonna die.

My fucking flight will never end
And blood on my palms is so nice
When I taste it. You know I could never stand
Your laughter and tears, that will be your price.

I’m cutting your neck with my kisses
I’m eating your heart with my words
Hey, baby! Do fuck me! I miss you
I can’t fuck the world any more…

I’ll push you, I’ll lick you and bring you
To heaven, no longer you’ll stay
In this rotten place where nobody greets you –
I will! You raped my devil and you have to pay.

а космос никогда не врёт... всегда всё случается, как он говорит)
6 утра... пойти что ли поспать... даже не знаю..
это так банально