Event Horizon

There's no turning back now

The Dark Lord of Mismatched Socks
1984, a christmas story, accelerating, ack, adventures, agent smith, alternative, amélie, androgyny, animorphs, arguing, autumn, baggy pants, bicycle riding, big pockets, black leather, blurn, bonding moments, borders, boston, boston common, cah holds, chinese food, chocolate, classroom discussion, coffee, cold, comedy, competition, cynicism, daydreaming, dogs, drawing, dreaming, edward scissorhands, euphoric laughter, fantasy, feminism, final fantasy, food, français, friends, gardening, gay rights, gender studies, guys, hahvahd, hair, hair gel, hand-to-hand combat, hedonism, honesty, ice cream, imagination, incense, ingenuosity, insects, interior decorating, invader zim, ivy league, johnny depp, katamari damacy, kingdom hearts, kissing, landscapes, le petit prince, legolas, life, long car rides, lotr, magic shell, mortal kombat, music, mythological creatures, new age music, nobuo uematsu, optimism, overanalyzation, overclocked remix, painting, paradox, people, philosophical conversation, poetry, praying mantises, psychology, quiet rebellion, rain, reading, reflection, research, running, school, science fiction, self-improvement, sephiroth, sexual liberation, shopping, skepticism, smiley face water towers, sociology, softball, spacescapes, sparkling grape juice, spongebob squarepants, sports, storms, suede, surveys, svidrigaïlov, swords, the matrix, the sky, the yankees suck, toffee, tomb raider, total annihilation, toy story, transmetropolitan, video game music, writing, zelda