Broke a molar not too long ago, and the filling started to come out. I think it happened when I did that long ride around the city and stopped off at The Co-Op hoping to drop in and say, "hi," to my old and dear friend, hopita , and I bought some "raw food" bar which contains raw nuts. At first, I thought it was just a very hard nut until I got home and looked - after I started spitting out pieces of silver filling (no, hopita , I'm not going to sue the Co-Op because I have bad teeth).
I was going to call the dentist sooner, but shit happened, like mystikbabe  losing her glasses in the Allegheney River while kayaking, kids needing clothes and supplies for school, etc combined with no dental insurance - you get the picture. Well, the other weekend while biking to work and chewing gum, it started to throb. mystikbabe  started seeing my dentist (well, the one I saw the last time I had a tooth abscess) for cleanings and fillings, so I had her get me a perscription for more Ultram and make me an appointment.

Yesterday was that appointment, and he gave me the same two options; Root Canal and crown for $1200 or extraction for $75. He numbed me up very well and drilled and cracked until everything was out. Good thing I didn't work last night, because I felt it after the novacaine wore off. Ice bags helped a lot, and I only took Ultram (with 2 extra strength Tylenol) before going to bed.

Jaw's still a bit sore, but I feel better. Swelling will eventually go down, and I have a fresh script - just in case. I don't think I'll be going to karaoke tonight.


Makes me feel young again

Went to Hough's - my local non-smoking pub last night after work for $3 Dead Guy night. When I walked into the bar - still in my Concourse digs - I was greeted by whistles from a trio of twenty-something ladies. One was making eyes at me. M, the bartender chuckled, "drunk girls," as  he handed me my beer and started my tab. I glance over at the girls, and they're making eyes at me, whispering and giggling. They call M over and he starts making 4 red headed sluts and takes them to the ladies. I can count. I'm not dense. I know where this is heading.

One of the ladies grabs the spare drink and walks my way. I smile and shake my head. As the very pretty brunette approaches, I nonchalantly lift my left hand, so that the light catches my wedding ring. "Oh...," I hear from behind. I turn around. "You're my dare," she smiles, then pouts, "married..." She hands me my shot, points my face towards her friends, holds up my ringed hand by the ring. We toast and down the drinks, and I get a kiss on the cheek for being a good sport. Before I cashed out with M, I bought the ladies a round for making my day.

I feel good!

Karaoke's tonight. Address on the linky. All you Pittsburghers are welcome to join me. First round's on me

In other news, work is going very well. I'm getting great stations, making good money and not closing every shift.

The Beverage Manager's been on me to come off of the floor one weekend night during the holiday season and help sell wine. We're still haggling over money, but I'm very interested.

More later. I have to go study


Fuck You, Verizon. Hello Comcast

For the past couple of months, our Internet access has been spotty. I've spent countless hours talking to Verizon DSL's outsourced, overseas tech support to no avail. Every time I called when my service was out, by the time I navigated their automated system, my modem was connected (yes, tech savvy readers, I know it's actually a gateway/bridge, but they keep calling it a modem despite the fact that it does no modulating or demodulating), and I was on the 'net. They could find no problem. We rebooted all of my systems, we switched my network around from PPP to bridge mode on both my "modem" and wireless router, I bought a new wireless router, and I installed brand new line filters on all my phones. Still, no steady access. They connected me to their customer service to schedule a techincian fisit, and they told me that it would cost me $130! WTF???? I pay for their Guardian Plan line protection and they charge me for Modem protection. Where does the $130 figure in????

Last night, I got a text message from Michael telling me that the DSL works fine when the phone is off  the hook. (another) WTF??? The point of DSL is so that I can still use my telephone while connected to the Internet. I've been using DSL since around 2000 via several providers from Earthlink (Verizon) to Speakeasy (Covad). My year is up, and I'm not satisfied, so I called Comcast.

Comcast is giving me their "everything bundle" which includes all movie channels, my HD service AND a HD DVR, phone and 6M Internet for only $160 (plus taxes) for a year ($210 thereafter). We're currently paying $230/mo for both, so we'll be saving ~60/mo for the first year, and paying the same next year. We keep our landline #, blah, blan, but the best part is that when we call Tech Support, we get someone in Pittsburgh, not someone across the country in California or halfway across the globe. They come Monday, and they handle all of the "back end" stuff, so I don't even have to tell Verizon I quit. fuck 'em!

Cool things

Michael's taking a robotics elective this trimester at City Charter High. This class requires some additional funding via bake sales.

As some of you know, I bake (when I have the time and energy). I'm actually very accomplished in the kitchen, and not just for a guy, thankyouverymuch. Michael's been having me make Pinwheel Cookies (see variations in recipe).  I make a full batch of white and a full batch of chocolate dough, and I use 100% All-Purpose, Unbleached white flour. Just roll them out, put one on top of another and roll them up like a jelly roll, wrap in plastic and freeze for later use. Michael can then just slice what he needs and bake at 350 degrees for eight to ten minutes.

This is funny

I'm not sure this is me, but a coworker found this on craigslist. Had to share.

Now that I'm remembering, I do remember some chicks whistling at me before when I was riding home one night. I didn't hear much, sinceI had headphones on.
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