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_aphoticmemory's Journal

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Aphotic Memory
23 June 1986
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About Me:

I am 22 years old.
I aspire to be many things that I will never be.
I have a lab (Chloe), two cats (Salem & Nubbie), seven rats (Fergie, Emma, Polka, Maddie, Faroe, Encephalon, and Fyn), and two female mice - Tiger Lily and Mitsy.
My pets mean absolutely everything to me.
I am a complete hippie.
I enjoy a vast array of music. I find it hard to listen to whole songs, since I have what many call, "music ADD."
I am a grammar nazi to the fullest.
I have snake bites (two piercings in my bottom lip).
I am damn sexy.
I am a clean freak, and I have an on-going love affair with bedroom, which I designed from top to bottom.
I love cake, burgers and french fries.
I love shopping.
I heart reading, and constantly buy insane amounts of books, magazines and comic books.
I spend way too much at eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Sephora, LUSH, JoAnn Fabrics and many more.
I think people who have "sex" in their interests are really, really lame.
If you breed animals, or don't spay/neuter your pets, I probably won't want much to do with you.

4 strings, accents, acoustic guitar, acting, aina, amélie, anti-drugs, anti-porn, anti-raunch culture, anti-sexism, art, autumn tears, bagpipes, band shirts, barack obama, beaches, beauty products, ben harper, bert jansch, beyond twilight, big band music, bluegrass, boobs, books, buddhism, candles, card games, castles, cats, celtic, chatting, childfree, classic rock, classical music, clouds, clyde phillips, cold weather, comic books, dark folk, der blutharsch, dernière volonté, diet coke, dogs, e.s. posthumus, ebay, england, enigma, expensive things, family guy, feminism, ferrets, forests, friends, girls, gloria steinem, goth guys, gregorian chants, guys, hair dye, hawaii, hippie boys, history, hoodies, house rabbits, ireland, jesus christ superstar, joni mitchell, judas priest, kate ryan, lasgo, long-haired men, loreena mckennitt, love, makeup, mariah carey, marilyn manson, massive attack, mental disorders, metal, metalheads, moby, money, moon, moonlight, morgan freeman, movies, nature, necklaces, neofolk, nevermore, new age, new zealand, night, nine inch nails, nærvær, occult, old cartoons, orchids, ordo rosarius equilibrio, over the rhine, paganism, pantera, paris hilton, pets, photography, piercings, power metal, progressive metal, psychology, rabbits, rats, reading, renaissance, rhapsody, romance, roseanne, roses, sad movies, sagentoeter, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, scotland, scottish jigs, september, sewing, shopping, singing, sleeping, spirituality, stabbing westward, stars, string theory, sunlight, tarot, tattoos, tea, techno, the fifth element, tori amos, traveling, uk, veterinary studies, william basinski, winter, writing, zen

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