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ThE kNiFe In YoUr BaCk CaN aLwAyS bE uSeD tO sTaB sOmEoNe eLsE
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Date:2005-12-26 19:28
Mood: horny

well, im back from fort lost in the woods until the 2nd. im in mass. right now, but thatnk god im going home tomorow until the 2nd. i cant wait, it sucks here. basic isnt as hard as i expected it to be, and there are so many things ive done that i never thought i would do. i shot expert on the M16A2, seriously. i was surprised considering that i never shot nething in my life. we did the warrior tower and all this other shit to, it was all fun. im thinking about goin airborn, but i dunno yet cus i hate running and u gotta run a wholoe lot, its not the heights im worried about, its all the running. well, im gonna go, i guess maybe ill write more next time om at a computer.

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Date:2005-10-20 16:30
Subject:Oh yea
Mood: drained

oh yea, i forgot, i have a new boyfriend, and its awesome cus he asked me out knowing that i would be leaving and all for a while, im ot gonna say any names, but hes actually decent, and thins i know for sure, so good job for me,and hes talking about going to the army to so...and oh yea, im so tired, i havent gotten any sleep in 3 gays!!!

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Date:2005-10-20 14:45
Mood: anxious

okay...im in the St.Louis Missouri at the USO in the airport, first time ive been able to write in forever. so let me get this all out. I ran into tony and guillarm at walmart one night and i was just like tony i wanna chill b4 i leave, call me. and he did, that night and he brought dean and guillarmo with him, and dean stole bodywash from my bathroom, how pathetic. so then tony called again, and he went to a party with me in the r section, and of course, me being stupid and fallin 4 his shit once again we hooked up, and he spent the night. HTen later that day he went home, and we picked him up that night and went to a party at fatmans. guillarmo showed up, and i found out hes actually not all that bad, tony made him seem like a complete asshole, so we ended up being cool. tony later drove him to his place in the e section, took his van and went to my house, and he spent the night. and bein the munipulating person he is told me that he still was in love with me, he regreted breaking up with me and had compared every girl hes ever been woth to me and blah blah blah and how he wishes i wasnt leaving and all that shit. and of course i fell 4 it since i was so in love with him and still was. so we were chillin 4 a while after that, and guillarmo to, they spent the night a couple of time and all and then the night befor i leave guillarmo called ne to say bye an di was like hey r u with tony, and hes like nah, i cant get ahold of him, and e started sayin how he dont like ambe and tony is prolly wiht mike, so i call mike and he says he isnt wit tony, when in fact he is. guillarmo called tonys house earlier and his mom said he said he was chillin with erica, so i guess he jus uses her as a cover up or sumthin. so he really was with mike and turned into an asshole, and says hell come over and chill if i give him dean and miek head, cus he is going back out wit amber. after all the shit he told me, and shit he talked about her. and giving them head...that was when i realized how munipulitve they all are, and hoiw all thye do is use girls. so i swore to myself to never again talk to tony or ne of them and fall for their bullshit again. i jus feel bad 4 amber because i know she must love him alot to, jus like i did, cus she keeps goin back to him to, jus like i did. it took me a while to learn my lesson, and hes jus gonna keep hurting her lik e he did me, but i tried to tell her that a long tima ago and she didnt listen so what ever. but itll get back to tony one day, what goes around comes around. oh, and someting funny...whaen i was at meps today i saw happy...how funny huh. well yup, im off to ft. leonard wood for boot camp, ill b back in december...

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Date:2005-09-20 11:48
Mood: confused

Well, its exactly one month before i leave...and for some reason im not even the least bit nervous, maybe it will all hit me when i get on the plane to basic, its in missourri. Man, everyrthing is kinda falling apart at the moment, i have no mor car, which sucks because i have no ride to work, so i had to quit, which means no money...which blows. I have half a credit left, and it is extremley hard to gwt to school with no car, and no friends to hwlp me out. Me and ashley are no longer friends, but im sorta glad, all she did was bring drama everywhere anyways. I ran into erica last week at the tag office, she just got back from basic, she said id prolly like it, i hope so. I asked about tony, i dont kno why, i know i shouldnt have, and then to top it off i saw him at sonnys, i guess he works there. He came over and shook my hand....yea, how akward could he have made it, and then there was mike in his little kitchen giving me dirty llooks. God mike, grow up, what the fuck did i ever do to you? NAyways, it sucks, cus as much as tony hurt me, for some reason i fund myself having a little bit of feeling for him still...dont even ask me why, cus i have not a clue.i kinda wish he woulda asked for my # that day i saw him, but he didnt, he jsu shook my hand and walkied away, i dont think ive ever felt so out of place as i did at that moment. I wish i could chill with him b4 i leave,just to kinda get things out there, i wanna ask him soo many questions about so many things, jus to kind of really end it yuh know? BUt i dont think hell ever call or anything, he prolly has forgotten all about me, which i think is fucked up considering i was the first an donly friend he had here for a long time. I helped him out so much that first summer and all that, but im not going to get into that, its jus gonna make me miss him. Althoguh i still crack up whne i think of him saying stimulate my hair folicles, lol. i gues its an insid ejoke between me him and ashely. BUt enough about that, im gonna go before i continue to ramble on about meaningless nothings.

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Date:2005-09-01 10:13
Mood: horny

hmmm...well to make things short, ashley is back from sucking face woth her redneck boyfriend travis...he dips with dip in tea bags so it dont get all in his mouth...lolshes back from georgia...i make fun of him, but yea, he is hot, i admitt it. Umm...leaving october 18th for the army...i cant wait, i wish i could go tommorow...ummmm.......i miss the first mike!! well, gotta go, soo...shley can go take a shit, bye

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Date:2005-07-09 18:57
Mood: depressed

well, my life sucks, i have no where to live and my car is about to get repoed...my boyfriend is great though, his name is mike, hes so sweet and blah blah blah, well i dont feel like writing, i think i fianlly grew out of the whole put my life on the interentet cus im that pathetic stage, lol

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Date:2005-01-13 16:25

ahhh, life just sucks huh? Nothing is going good right now, at all, i ahve basically no where to stay and i havent been to school in like a week and a half and ummm...i dunno im just all uughh about everything right now...and i need a boyfriend!!

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Date:2005-01-08 15:58

short and sweet, got a car work at pizza hut jave no boyfriend, N IM MOVING TO MASSACHUSETTS IN MAY. THERE IS MY LIFE IN A NUTSHELL

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Date:2004-12-16 11:56

abortion is homicide.

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Date:2004-12-16 11:53
Subject:where do they come up with these things?

You may not know that many non-living things have a gender. For example:

1) Ziploc Bags -- They are Male, because they hold everything in, but you can see right through them.

2) Copiers -- They are Female, because once turned off, it takes a while to warm them up again. It's an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed, but can wreak if the wrong buttons are pushed.

3) Tire -- Male, because it goes bald and it's often over- inflated.

4) Hot Air Balloon -- Male, because, to get it to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under it and, of course, there's the hot air component.

5) Sponges -- Female, because they're soft, squeezable and retain water.

6) Web Page -- Female, because it's always getting hit on.

7) Subway -- Male, because it uses the same old lines to pick people up.

8) Hourglass -- Female, because over time, the weight can shift to the bottom.

9) Hammer -- Male, because it hasn't changed much over the last 5,000 years, but it's handy to have around.

10) Remote Control -- Female. Ha! You thought it'd be male. But consider this -- it gives a man pleasure, he'd be lost without it, and while he doesn't always know the right buttons to push, he keeps trying.

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Date:2004-12-16 10:05

A Rough Stretch

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<font<br>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/J/Jai16/1099440908_ughstretch.JPG" border="0" alt="A Rough Stretch"><br>F:<p align="center"><font<br>size="2"><b>You've come upon a Rough<br>Stretch. </b>Can
you make it through? You've come upon hard times.<br>Things aren't looking so good
to you and your life has seem to collapse into a<br>downward spiral. You've lost
your way and can't seem to find the right path to<br>take. You are probably
depressed and feeling lonely as you've lost sight<br>of those who love you. You may
wander through this road with a few others like you<br>and are able to comfort them
as they comfort you, but it is not enough. You've<br>lost something, maybe someone
close, and with it you lost your faith in life.<br>You're probably confused and
unsure what to do next. But the way will become<br>clear eventually. It always
does. This stretch that lies before you seems<br>never-ending and not worth
traveling. But don't let yourself fall, you may<br>have stumbled upon this,
but pick yourself up as best you can and hold on to<br>that little bit of faith you
have. The road isn't as endless as it seems. All<br>things, good and bad must come
to and end. This too shall pass and you'll be<br>amazed at what good lay beyond it
if you just find the strength within yourself to<br>try and make it. </font></p>
<br><br><a href="http://quizilla.com/users/Jai16/quizzes/What%20Path%20Do%20You%20Take%20In%20Life%3F%20%5BX%5DFor%20Guys%20and%20Gals!%20Pics%20and%20Lengthy%20Results.%5BX%5D/"> <font size="-1">What Path Do You Take In Life? [X]For Guys and Gals! Pics and Lengthy Results.[X]</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href="http://quizilla.com">Quizilla</a></font>

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Date:2004-12-16 09:48

» I committed suicide:
» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived next door to you:
» I started smoking:
» I stole something:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you weren't there:


» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:
» Family:

[1] Who are you?
[2] Are we friends?
[3] When and how did we meet?
[4] How have I affected you?
[5] What do you think of me?
[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me?
[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?
[8] Do you love me?
[9] Have I ever hurt you?
[10] Would you hug me?
[11] Would you kiss me?
[12] Would you fuck me?
[13] Are we close?
[14] Emotionally, what stands out?
[15] Do you wish I was cooler?
[16] On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?
[17] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
[18] Am I loveable?
[19] How long have you known me?
[20] Describe me in one word.
[21] What was your first impression?
[22] Do you still think that way about me now?
[23] What do you think my weakness is?
[24] Do you think I'll get married?
[25] What about me makes you happy?
[26] What about me makes you sad?
[27] What reminds you of me?
[28] What's something you would change about me?
[29] How well do you know me?
[30] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
[31] Do you think I would kill someone?

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Date:2004-12-15 12:11

You're like me! The intelligent loner. You're shy
at times but friendly, and you are never weak
and always independent. You are incredibly
intelligent (wise beyond your years) and have a
talent for many things (sports, music, art).
You have a kind and warm personality and enjoy
the simple things. Like hanging out with
friends and watching movies at home. But you're
sometimes quiet nature makes you a bit of an
outcast and a mystery to people. No matter how
pretty you are or smart or athletic, you just
can't seem to break into the crowd and be
noticed. Don't worry, try to be more outgoing
and speak out when you have more to say. Don't
hide behind your books and sports and computer,
get out there and get noticed. You also have
deep desires in life and feel vunerable and
alone at times. Don't feel sad either, What
helps me to express feelings and dreams that I
can't say to people, is through my writting.
Maybe you should try.

What kind of girl are you? (with pix!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Date:2004-12-15 11:39
Mood: apathetic

Well, what can i say, things are very boring lately. Its getting to the point where i cant stand living at my house anymor, my brother stole $100 form me yesterday and my mom says"sarah dont worry about it" yea okay, dont worry about $100 i had to work for...hopefully me and ashley will be moving out over the summer. DId i say how i work at pizza hut in bunnell now? lol Well em and aaron arent talking anymore, that ended on like friday,, but w/e im not gonna let it get to me, he wsnt my boyfriend or anything. I have to work tommorow 5-9 and friday and saturday 430 to 1130 and sunday 430-1030, bue if anyone want to do anything before or after tha,t u guys no my number...kay i gotta go, nothign else to write about at the moment. Oh cept for the fact that T.J. is sposed to be looking for a bf for me...lol, but he knows my type a guy, but yea, there is this one friend he has and i saw a pic of him, he looks rerally cute, and tj said that hes the type a guy i would like lol, but u know how i am, and i dont speak up enless the guy syas sumthing first, an di doubt that will happen, but anyways, i gotta go

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Date:2004-12-10 12:08
Mood: tired

well, the past few days have been quite boring. Yesterday i went to the dentist, and couldnt feel the left side of my face for about 12 hours...then i went to pizza hut, and they hired me, and i started yesterday. I like it there, its alright, but tis the one in bunnell, lol. My whole weelend is basically ruine, cus no i have to work, but i gotta make that money if i wanna car so i guess ill jsu deal with it... anyways, aaron called me :) we were sposed to chill this weekend, but that got ruined...but theres always the week, but next weekend were all sposed to go to orlando, and i already took off work so it should be definate, but im gonna go..so lata

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Date:2004-12-07 10:42

rain is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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Date:2004-12-06 13:59
Mood: amused

Daily Single's Love
December 06, 2004

If you've just started seeing someone, expect it to deepen. Aarons horoscope....(:

Daily Single's Love
December 06, 2004

Communication will be difficult for you -- though you'll probably understand what that cutie's telling you, they might misread your signals unless you go out of your way to be clear... mine

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Date:2004-12-06 13:58

Your childhood experiences show that you are a Fuser. This means that as a child you were given a great sense of freedom and independence. Your parents trusted you to develop your own personality, to make your own mistakes and learn from them. But there is a drawback to this kind of experience. You may not have gotten as much attention as you wanted or felt you deserved.

Your perfect partner is actually your opposite type, an Isolator. You may have guessed just the contrary, that your best match would be someone who would shower you with all the love and affection you crave. But "happily ever after" for you means partnering with someone who will respect your privacy and support you when you want to do independent activities, much like your parents did.

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Date:2004-12-06 10:41
Subject:This weekend
Mood: blah

Well the weekend went well. We ended up going on that triple date or whatever, we all went to chilis and to see lost treasure or sumthin, it was an okay movie, just way to long.. i like aaron alot, im glad were still talking. omg, my ex shawn called me, he was down visiting, and he tried tp get back with me, but i like aaron way to much, but i have to go, cus the bell is about to ring, so...lata

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Date:2004-12-04 17:51
Subject:Ahhh, bein a teenae girl, there are so many tings to say about it, but yet so little time
Mood: pleased

well yesterday wasnt all that bad actually, after that oe person was done having a frgin bitch fit it was all good. actually we basically stayed upall night watching ummm if i recall...pornucopia, or something, and then ashley and tex took it to the other room, and brad had to go self satisfy himself, and i fell asleep on the couch with aaron...:) <3

Oh yea, tonight were all going out to eat and then to a movie, me aaron ashley tex brad and umm lauren i think

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