Adriana (_anushka_) wrote,

I didn't hear you leave

I dreamt we were in Paris, dancing on chess-boards and thinning ourselves out between the wooden kings and queens. I have horror visions; I see you dangling from a precipice and instead of helping you up I notice the way white mountain flowers form against your tan and shine. It's your fault, life is beautiful I didn't know before.

Euphoria begins murmuring in my lower abdomen, juts beside my heart on the fast lane and blossms gently through my eyes. It flows mercilessly through my palms and I'm awake.

I'd paint your night sky white with falling stars. I would exchange flaw with the wooden beauty and ask the heavens to pour white energy for us fools to wonder at, wide-eyed, hollow-mouthed, big-hearted fools with smaller paint containers. 

This writing is garbage and I can't contain myself because I'm going to ROmania! Oh man.
P.s. I saw Whale and the Squid last night and it was spectacular. I had no idea Americans wrote so good. The screenplay is so brilliantly European, it's amazing.
YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I am psyched and won't even begin to explain.

I have one last exam, and then it's French time. Life is beauty and I miss Alex.
We're absolutely ridiculous, and I love his smile.

Thank you for the glass necklace. All of your presents have been art-work, and this one is no exception. 
Let's move in tomorrow!
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