Right...so I had been running away from the energies of our house it seems, to where the energy felt freer. My room-mate and I had been planning a big cleanup of our house and I think on another level we "knew" it would be really significant because starting felt really uncomfortable. Little did I know I would have a great time releasing "stuff." We really let go of things and the house has more of a peaceful, light-filled energy. In some places it's still stuck but the Ashtar Command "Magic House" activation is exactly what any house would want. The house continues to align itself after the cleaning is complete and you feel compelled to simply throw out stuff- it also tells you when to start and stop.
So we were feeling so great we stayed up just enjoying the energy and luckily I don't have to go into work tomorrow, I can continue with the house.

ALSO- I have been working with some tremendous light beings, preparing, because I know more will come. How I know that, I just don't know. Maybe it's part of this prophecy that is still unclear to me. We shall see.

But my friend Farris made this (www.namelesslight.com) from Nameless Light Jewelry.
It is actually a piece of Horemakhet (Sphinx). And whether it truly is or not it acts like a portal and I take off somewhere. The same night I got it Farris rolls out a painting that he did like 10 years ago and the girl is holding a portal in her hand for sure and she looks like Lilou who is my fave superhero (from the Fifth Element). Much is going on right now and this is all I can say for now. God bless.

Also, God bless my Java Love Mug. And breakfast with chives. Yum!

Atunya is up to her tricks. Lol.

Gypsy Style
I could live in a caravan........no?
And serve chai tea with a little doggy that I'm not allergic to.

this one makes my heart warm.


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Thora Birch's room from the movie Now and Then (a fave movie of mine as a kid!)

The New Love on 5-5-5
Many of us are confused about love.
We don't know exactly what it's going to look like, but we do know.
In any case, whether or not the Mayan Calendar has begun today, we are going through some intense times.
Jim Self said over a year ago that there is a new form of love coming in. And I KNOW it is more than the three forms of love he mentions, that Paulo Coelho also writes about: agape, eros, and philos. This love, according to Jim, or more precisely, Joan Walker, the channel for I AM LIGHT who channels Kuthumi and works for him behind-the-scenes, is "what moves the oceans"...the wind in the trees.
How beautiful is that?
And not only that, we are going to be falling in love with one another more and more.
It is quite confusing because we have anger as well as sexuality to consider.
Personally, I think The Shift is letting us embrace ALL. The shift is letting us CHOOSE. No, we won't be having sex with everybody -although Pleiadians have been said to be quite inclined to this-, but we will be resonating and vibrating together, on all levels, since we are made up of a multidimensional self that is focused on all layers of existence- mental, causal, etheric, ketheric, spiritual. (See the different planes in Barbara Brennan's book, Hands of Light). So, just as the soul chooses to focus itself in any given reality (including this physical one),so will we be choosing where to focus our energies and with/on whom. It is all a choice, thus we will feel more freedom.
The New Love coming in is new to planet Earth, but not to the starbeings that have come in to help with The Shift. The Starbeings have a deep knowing in their hearts, as do the incarnated angels. It's almost like many of us hold a knowing in our hearts, but humanity isn't ready for it all- yet. We have to be easy on them and thus easy on ourselves, patience, determination, willpower, gratitude...all of those wonderful words that are helping us to keep our vibrations high.

I would like to "download" more intel on this New Love and will hopefully update later...
Peace to all beings.

Nice quotes from Mom
Mom sent me some beautiful quotes today while I was gettin' me nails done 80's style.

Text: Quote of the day: People throw rocks at shiny objects. (And you, my darling, are very shiny!)

Text II: Our "work is to BE WHO WE TRULY ARE...our AUTHENTIC self.

When we were judged as little children, we bought into the belief that there is something wrong with us.

Suppose that belief was just a big, fat lie?!

Text III: Trying to fit in. That is how we are conditioned.

What a gift to be just as you are! Not as you have been told to be...who have you been told not to be.

Text IV: What if you have NEVER done anything wrong?
What if everything that you think is wrong with you, is right about you?

Text V: 2nd quote of the day: Be unabashedly you. If it's the one, he will adore you; otherwise, forget it.


Truly...a therapy session. I paid 13.99 for the crystal-infused ones.
But, since I have been working on self-love I ran into two totally
loving fire signs and found a dried rose next to my bike!

To choose the right scent- just sniff around and see whichever one you "can't get enough" of,
and also see which NAME you are drawn to. Funny thing is, I have always called my unicorn
Windemere and these products are by Wyndmere, lol.

Here are the ingredients and properties of the bottles:
Jasmime (expensive because of the tiny hard-to-collect flower that only produces oil in the morning): anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, aphrodisiac, emmenagogue, emollient, galactagogue, sedative and uterine properties // love potions, moon, mysteries of the night, induces prophetic dreams if burned in bedroom(?), good luck in love and wealth
Myrrh: "Myrrh enhances and strengthens spirituality, visualisation and meditation practise. Myrrh lifts vibrations and increases the potency of other oils. Myrrh has the ability to bring up deep, hidden, or unconscious feelings. Myrrh is purifying to the energetic environment and the human energy field and increases meridian flow. Burn myrrh to; purify an area, to restrain evil influences and to break hexes. Myrrh is an ingredient in healing mixtures and is also used to consecrate, purify and bless objects. Myrrh is also associated with; Protection, Exorcism, Transformation, The Sacred; Cleansing, and Creating Peace."

Aromatherapy oils by Crystal Sage (at New Frontier's store):
helps promote love of self and others
in almond oil is Patchouli, Sandlewood,Sweet Orange,Grapefruit,Peppermint Cinnamon,Jasmine and Rose with cleaned and charged Rose Quartz, Jade and Moonstone crystals.

may help to break the cycle of addictive behavior or thought patterns that are keeping you from moving forward
Lime, Sage, Coriander,Grapefruit,Geranium,Ginger,Pettigraine
with cleaned and charged
Garnet,Amethyst,Chalcedony,Lepidolite,Tanzanite,Pietersite,Iolite,Tiger Eye,Rutilated Quartz,Moonstone,Bloodstone, and Snowflake obsidian crystals.

may help to release negative attachments to people or past events and may help prevent energy drain.
Ylang Ylang, Frangipani, Frankincense, Myrrh and Lavender with cleaned and charged
Citrine, Moonstone, Tiger Eye, Aquamarine, Turqoise, Unakite, Amazonite, Opal, Garnet, Ametrine, Amber, Labradorite, Snowflake Obsidian and Hematite crystals.

...with blue bottles to spray with and blue glitter, no doubt.


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Wow. So after last night's love-send I woke up this morning pondering: what are the feminine archetypes? We all know about tarot, and the tarot cards could be considered archetypes. Caroline Myss is one who discusses these kinds of things -by the way- on her radio show on www.hayhouseradio.com. Anyway, back to the point.
So, I recalled my Iris Asteroid reading where the asteroids are read .....

(ok opera interrupted my typing now where did i leave off...)

The asteroids represent the feminine aspects of astrology.
And they are different- somewhat opposite but not exactly (I have no air signs in my regular chart but most are air in the asteroid chart...and this tells me I have many feminine qualities whilst the other chart says Leo is oh-so masculine. Whatever.)

Now what are these archetypes? Caroline Myss has a whole list of them here http://www.myss.com/library/contracts/three_archs.asp
According to her, there are hundreds! And I am still learning about aspects. I have so many books to read it's not even funny.

So, are archetypes and aspects the same thing?
I think of aspects as "painter, illustrator, cook, mother, lover, enthusiast..blablabla"
Archetypes seem to be the double-edged sword of the Tarot. (And I bought my deck today..the original, old images.)

I always thought of life as one big play where we play certain roles.
And we get to choose now, in the Age of Aquarius, which ones we want to activate. It sounds like snobbery, considering I live in America, but America does have an important purpose in the world. Yes, there are atrocious things happening in every society, I know. (I had a bitter American teacher tell me about how horrible America was for the 4 years that he tought me in Finland.) But, just like the archetypes, there is always a light and dark side.
Me personally, I know my faults better than anyone else. I know them very well. It hurts when they are reflected back, because I am trying hard to constantly focus on the light. Another focus is to "just embrace" them all. All sides of you, because we are moving to oneness. So this means a lot of forgiveness happening on all levels. And it also means taking responsibility. But what does that really mean? The philosopher in me wants to know.

And what are the "feminine" archetypes?

Female archetypes by Jung: http://www.carl-jung.net/animus.html

Mythical archetypes: http://englit.org/eiland_shared/critical/mythicons.htm

A blog post on the "Divine Feminine": http://writerworking.blogspot.com/2009/09/female-archetypes.html

Female Archetypes and "Men Who Love Them": http://www.hookingupsmart.com/2010/09/10/relationshipstrategies/female-archetypes-and-the-men-who-love-them/


It makes me so angry to think of how men chase after archetypes...it's so annoying. Why can't they just appreciate the ONE that they have and stop chasing after images? Why can't they just love the REAL woman in front of them, and not the phony baloney one they think they want?
What comforts my mind is they are falling in love with an ARCHETYPE and not seeing the person as a whole, as made up of many archetypes. We are so quick to project our interest, love interest, onto one person..and they don't deserve all that. People deserve to be seen for who they are. Some people show themselves and are not accepted....that's illusion, because we always are accepted. Sometimes we just don't know the truth- behind pretty faces, behind machoismo/bravado... All that jazz that life created to belittle us and make us feel insignificant, when we really are GREAT MAJESTIC BEINGS OF LOVE AND LIGHT. And if only we could see that in ourselves, there would be no battle. No battle of any archetype, whatsoever.

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Wow. Had the Metu Neter randomly open to this page: "Chapter 16. THE ORACLES. On the most general level, oracles are means of communicating with spiritual agencies. On the highest level, such communications take place with the wisdom faculty (sphere 2, Tehuti), of the spirit, through waking trance. This is the skill possessed by the prophets and sages. On the second highest level, communications take place with the same part of the spirit through the casting of lots. These "lots" are symbolic representations of the basic categories into which the entire span of reality can be divided. Other oracles are means of communicating with the other Deities, and lower spiritual agencies through mediumistic trance or the casting of lots."

Tonight was reiki night number two in which we did more than reiki yet again.
Atunya comes through each time laughing.
Other healings took place.
We are receiving extreme downloads of conscious energy and bringing the SELF back in.
We are empowering each other as leaders into the New Age. It feels very good.

I shaved part of my head today because I wanted to. I am happy. My hamsters are happy. I have good food. I appreciate myself. Good night.

Kemet Know Thyself Tour
(With regards to the title: I was thinking how Mom was all over the material by Ashra Kwesi)

Okay, so this morning I am having so many thoughts. You could say I live in a "download room" according to Amateo and Jazmine, who have also lived in my room before me. Same goes for my girl Kyle.
In any case, I woke up wanting to post a load of Disney movies because I was waking up thinking how they have filled our minds with loads of crap about romantic love. I mean, don't get me wrong- these are all beautiful images and sounds. (The first song that came to mind was one from Sleeping Beauty- Once Upon a Dream.) Yeah, notice how these images have been etched in our brains. There's nothing wrong with animation, though. Walt Disney's life purpose was to connect with the elementals and he did that brilliantly. I'm sure he influence the animators who created Krista the fairy in Fern Gully.
Anywho, I did a lot of thinking and now I'm recalling books like Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (similar to the ugly duckling/cinderella story) and an African Rapunzel cartoon that I love love loved.
The first part of this entry was going to be a blast on men who don't appreciate their own race- e.g. black men who chase after white women. But then I got to thinking that this society is messed up anyway, so maybe we don't look at color anymore, it just hurts when people come to us with these issues (especially people older than ourselves who have had a harder time with racism in the world). So I forgive myself and others who still hold onto these beliefs. I am now thinking of a mixed friend (actually two males) who have been rejected by white women. Then they have rejected me, but it was perhaps for other reasons, although one could say to me (as a friend said recently), "Krista will realize she's light but she ain't white." This infuriated me because I don't want to live that painful reality. However, I still see men of color chasing after white women.....always. What happened to just loving everybody? If there's a pattern, hey, maybe that is what flavor you like, I don't know, but I don't want to be like that. I think there are tons of hot men from all different backgrounds and I find all ethnicities attractive. So what's the problem?

Maybe there is no problem.
I also know many men in my life that mostly like women of color. Take my Dad for instance, lol.
And there are many white men who have been attracted to me because I am exotic, or whatever.
I think people have physical attributes that are just simply, sexy. And that's okay, and there's no color involved (hopefully). Because all of these "color issues" are a real distraction to our spiritual work. It doesn't help me to write my book and think about my love interest chasing after someone else. What a waste of my precious time.

All I can say is........Rangers, we so fly - Break your necks every time we walk by - No jail, we got bars
Every body know that my crew go hard !!!!!!!!

And I make-ah bread-ah puddin' on me day off...with french vanilla coffee 'cause I can!!!
(The italian accent reminded me of this guy Scotty who was the teacher for my food handling permit -class. He was telling us funny stories of how he went to do routine inspections of restaurants, etc. and how he found people being UN-HYGIENIC. lmao. He's like, if you walk outta here remembering nothing, just remember, "hot things hot, cold things, cold, one sixty five [degrees for chicken]" hahahhahahahaha omg lmfao.

thanks to my awesome brother Kier for introducing me to jerkin'..ok it ain't dead!!! know thyself! :PP

Now I'm off to hopefully read some metu neter, do some writing, and eat my bread puddin'.


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