the warrior strumpet

fighting to bring you fabulous everyday

the curiously strong antipathy.

I studied Psychology and Religion at Temple University and am now studying for my MA in clinical psych at Sofia University (formerly known as ITP),
I have been a vegetarian for 19 years.
I am passionate about: animal rights, human rights, mind-body connection, conservation, conscientiousness.

a sense of humor, activism, aesthetics, alternative medicine, animal rights, animals, anxiety, arguments in foreign languages, argy-bargy, art, astrology, astronomy, authenticity, awareness, bdsm, beautiful men, bell curves, books, british comedy, buddhism, buffet-style eating, candlelight, cats, challenging convention, compassion, conscientiousness, consciousness, conservation, courage, creative hair, creativity, cutting the bullshit, damn you vanity, dancing, demystification, determination, dichotomy, discoveries, dissidence, diy, djing, doing accents, drinking, drugs, eclecticism, egalitarianism, existentialism, experimentation, figuring things out, flirting with homophobes, friends, gay films, gay pda, genealogy, getting a good deal, government reform, hedonism, holistic health, hot showers, human rights, identity, imagination, incense, insight, intelligence, introspection, jem, juxtaposition, karma, kink, languages, laughing, living outside the box, makeup, meditation, men in sandals, men who can dance, metaphysics, monism, muscle, music, mysticism, no coincidences, nonconformists, nondualism/dualism, numismatics, organics, outsiders, paranormalities, passion, philately, philosophy, photography, piercings, poppycock and fiddlesticks, postmodernism, progress, progressed scorpio, psychology, psychoneurobiology, punk ethos, queer culture, queers, quotes, reading, reincarnation, religion, remembering to breathe, revolution, sarcasm, satire, self-employment, self-made people, self-portraiture, sensuality, sensuous masculinity, sex, sexiness, sexuality, sharing, shopping, sincerity, speaking up, speculation, spiritual evolution, spirituality, stiletto heels, subversives, surrender, suspending judgment, taoism, tattoos, technology, the matrix, the underdog, the vietnam war, theory, transcendence, transformation, travel, underground civilizations, upgrades, vegetarianism, vernacular, wisdom, writing, yoga, zen