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The World's Worst Places to Work

No. 19 Kiev, Ukraine

Overall Grade: Medium Risk Location
Problems: Pollution, Disease & Sanitation, Medical Facilities,
Infrastructure, Crime, Communications

The capital of Ukraine has the dubious honor of being the worst-performing
European city on ORC's list. The medical facilities are inadequate, says ORC.
"Also of concern are racially motivated attacks against non-Caucasians, and crime in general."


Про margin call

В дом олигарха на рублевке заходит домработница. Видит - мебели нет, на стенах пустые квадраты от картин,
дорогой паркет содран а посередине гостиной на полу сидит мужик и допивает хозяйский коньяк. Домработница в шоке.
- Ты это, шефу скажи - Коля Маржин заходил. Ну че ты орешь? Ухожу я, ухожу - соседи заждались...

Картинка в тему:


“To hell with a balanced portfolio. I want to sell my Fenwick Chemical and sell it now.”
(Man calls his broker from a phone booth after seeing the chemical factory on fire.)

ID: 38904, Published in The New Yorker April 13, 1957