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do you feel the tension?

all she wants to do is shakeshakescream.

2/24/15 06:16 pm

I'm still alive. I'm a grown up. We're all grown ups. I mean, pretty much.

I forced my family and teachers etc. to call me Ami as a way to rebel against my boring given name, but I'm really Amy and I've embraced that for years now.

Sometimes I'm like, remember when my parents were really strict and wouldn't let me go out much so I spent my time building websites and making internet friends? They are both dead now and I miss them


5/30/11 06:50 pm - this is what i look like now

i'm 23 fucking years old.

3/2/08 12:34 pm

I bought this.

3/1/08 09:01 am


I don't have braces anymore.Collapse )

2/7/08 12:15 pm

This is Hilary's dog Juicebox.

Hats on CatsCollapse )

1/20/08 05:25 pm

Yesterday, David and I went to White Rock Lake. It was cold.

and we took photosCollapse )
It's weird to just post pictures of myself, though, so I'll leave you with some of the cute boys I live with.

aaandCollapse )

1/13/08 12:12 pm

1/8/08 02:23 pm - Wowee Zowee!

daytime is boring when you work at night.Collapse )

12/13/07 09:07 pm

This is the most stagnant time of the year.

Or is it that way all of the time?

11/29/07 05:04 pm

Scrabble. In Austin.

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