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she's destroyed the boys of the east coast...

♥♥has their hearts dangling on her sleeves.

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Miss Misery.
23 September
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I like to talk & write & think.
I consider myself an optimist with a knack for the horrific.
I am not a scene kid even though I tend to sound like an elitist.
I have another journal where all the good stuff is; the select are allowed to read it.
Drugs not hugs.
I'm anxious, determined & full of shit.
My name is Ann Disaster.
I come from a broken home & intend to break necks.
Thank you for your attention.
The end.

03-04-03, acoustic, adam green, aimee allen, algebra is an artform, algebra is bullshit, arrogance, art, at the drive-in, atrophy, austen, bear vs. shark, ben kweller, best buy, blood on the tracks, bob dylan, bones, boys night out, bronte, cats, chemistry, coffee, corona, courtly love, criterion collection, cursive, diane keaton, dickinson, dinosaurs, dorothy parker, egocentricity, egomanical behavior, elliott smith, emerson, eugenidies, european history, fate, fendi, fidelity, franz kafka, french, fugazi, giraffes, glassjaw, go ask alice, heartcore, hipbones, holden caulfield, humanism, imitation is suicide, impressionism, in style, india.arie, infinity, j. d. salinger, janet fitch, jon benet ramsey, kandinsky, kate spade, kimya dawson, kiss kiss bang bang, kissing matt boudwin, kleptomania, kubrick, letters, liars, licking matt boudwin, literature, lolita, love, lovers in jeopardy, lust, lux, lydia lynch, manet, marc jacobs, margaret atwood, maroon 5, mary-kate olsen, monsters, mott the hoople, movies, ms. lisbon, nabokov, nader, natasha lyonne, o'keefe, obsession, opera, oral sex, pen pals, peter gabriel, philadelphia, photography, posthumous fame, prada, punctuation, quiet rock, recovery from anorexia, restriction, riot grrls, riot not diet, roman polanski, romanticism, russian literature, saul williams, semi-colons, serial killers, sharon tate, shoplifting, skiba, slacker, soothsayers, star-crossed lovers, stepford wives, stephan jenkins, steve buschemi, stockholm syndrome, straylight run, tea, temple university, the beatles, the moldy peaches, the shins, the sleepaway camp trilogy, the smiths, the tear drop explodes, theater, thomas jefferson, tolstoy, trocadero, twain, twiggy lawson, us history, valley of the dolls, van gogh, vintage, vinyl, vogue, wawa, white oleander, william h. macy,

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