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Mission Details and Weird Dreams...

Where the hell am I?

I usually only ask this question when I am drunk off my ass and some how managed to wander many thousand of miles from Konoha. But this time I am as sober as the Hokage on a Sunday... err maybe that’s a bad analogy given the current Hokage... But I honestly have no idea where in the hell I am...

Tsunade said something about a plague and this place being dangerous or something like that. I kind of forgot the exact details she said about the village. But I still, have no clue where I am. I was simply tracking my target and got so into it I lost account of my whereabouts. But, my mission is going well so far. I’ve managed to keep tabs on my target and have tracked him to his current location, on the outskirts of this hellhole.

He seems to be shacked up with some bimbo from what I can tell. And he has not yet detected my presence. So that is good at least. I always knew my stealth was better then his detection skills. Although.. I think seeing if he could detect me was part of the mission. I guess I passed that part eh?

–Mission Details–

So, Ibiki has not yet discovered my location. And I doubt he will. I made extra care to cover my tracks and find my way out here. As mentioned, my stealth skills are far greater then his detection skills. So I am grateful for that. Although, I am going to have to give his detection some negative feedback on the evaluation.

He also seems to be too angry. I always see him yelling. Even out on this mission, I thought it was just the confinement of Konoha that made him uneasy and not pleasant to be around. Turns out that is how he is to begin with. I am going to recommend to Tsunade or Shizune who ever I see first, that mandatory Anger Management for Ibiki begin right away.

Fashion sense? He seriously has none. He is suppose to be inconspicious while on his mission, but if I was an enemy ninja I could spot his ass a mile away. Come on, that wig they set him up with looks so fake I’m surprised no one smacked it off his head yet... Oh well, more negative marks for Ibiki. Man that felt good...

Jutsu usage? Well, I’ve not seen him use any yet. So that is good. He does not want to draw an attention to him self. But I have seen his jutsu usage up close and personal on my mission with him, when that bastard tried to attack me. Yeah, his jutsu usage sucks also. I could tell what was coming before it came. So I will give him medium marks on that one until he has time to show me he has what it takes on the field with this mission...

And did I mention he is shacked up with some whore? While he is on a mission, he is shacked up with some bimbo. How friggen ethical is that? I think it was the bimbo from down in the local restaurant or something. First thing I thought? What if she was a Leaf Nin assigned to the mission with him? NOPE! I’ve never seen this woman in my life... I am defiantly going to tell Tsunade about the girl he is shacked with instead of focusing on his mission.

I do not know the details of his mission exactly yet. I am still waiting for the 10th day stalking him out before I open the classified documents detailing his mission as per Tsunade’s orders. So I can not yet say how he is doing on the mission. I will in depth when I finally open the classified documents. Until then, I’ll be sticking to the shadows.

–End Mission Details–

I hope everything is alright in Leaf. I had a weird dream the other night about Orochimaru. He was trying to invade Leaf again in my dream. In the dream he killed Tsunade this time and destroyed almost the entire village in his wake. Shame I do not remember much about the dreams details. Just that he invaded Konoha, but the dream its self might be a bad omen. Dreaming of my former mentor usually is a bad omen... Can someone back in Leaf let me know if all is well in Konoha? The dream was very unsettling and I wish to know everything was alright.

I just hope he is not up to something again. But if he is, I will be the one to kill him. I will not screw up like last time. I should have never came out of the Forest of Death alive from my last encounter with Orochimaru, but I came out for a reason. I will be the one to kill him. I must. For my own honor I can not allow it to be done any other way. I will not allow him to be killed by anyone’s hands but my own. Sorry for that random trail off. As I said, the dream really left me unsettled and thinking a lot about Orochimaru...

I’ll stop rambling now though. Just please, if someone can let me know if everything is alright in Leaf, that will make me feel a lot better I think. Stupid dreams... Stupid Mission Target... Man I just thought, how long am I suppose to be out here in the middle of no where? I should have asked Tsunade before I left how long this mission was going to take...

Oh well. See you when I see you Leaf...
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