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In each moment lies a chance that can change the story of your life.

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Angel Lily
11 December 1980
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Hi!!! I never know what to say in these sort of things, so forgive me for being so boring. I have been a member at LJ for a long time, but sadly neglected my journal for almost two years. Thanks to mobile posting and my recent time off to revamp my journal I am back and hope to stay for a years to come. I watch a lot of tv and have an enormous amount of fandoms, if you like to talk about tv, movies and celebrities feel free to friend me (I'll friend you back). I love to have new friends to talk about my fandoms with.

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24, andrew walker, angel/buffy, austin nichols, beckett/castle, ben barnes, ben feldman, benjamin mckenzie, bradley cooper, brooke/julian, brothers and sisters, bryan greenberg, btvs, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, burn notice, cappie and casey, castle, charlie & clarie, charlie cox, charlie pace, chlark, chloe sullivan, chris evans, claire bennett, claire littleton, clark and chloe, clark kent, david anders, dawson's creek, dead like me, dean winchester, denny duquette, dollhouse, drop dead diva, drue valentine, echo, fred/jane, fringe, george/mason, glee, greek, green arrow, heroes, hiro nakamura, house, ian somerhalder, izzie and denny, jack bauer, james lafferty, jared padalecki, jayton, jeffrey dean morgan, jeffrey donovan, jensen ackles, jim sturgess, john winchester, joshua jackson, keanu reeves, kyle xy, kyle/jessie, lex and lana, lex luthor, lexa, logan marshall green, lost, mark matkevich, mason, michael rosenbaum, michael westen, michael/fiona, milo ventimiglia, naley, nathan and haley, nathan fillion, new moon, nicholas d'agosto, oliver queen, olivia and peter, olivia dunham, one tree hill, oth, pacey & joey, paul ballard, paul/mellie, peter and claire, peter bishop, peter petrelli, prison break, richard castle, roswell, ryan atwood, ryan gosling, sam axe, sam winchester, sark, sarkney, scott michael foster, sean faris, smallville, spike, spuffy, supernatural, sydney & will, sydney bristow, the 4400, the cullens, the o.c., transformers, trent ford, tru calling, ugly betty, vampire diaries, will estes

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