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Angel Lily
10 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

Hello LJ friends!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know I suck as a friend. Once I went back to work full time (actually two part time jobs = full time work) I felt overwhelmed by how fast I got behind on my friends pages so every time I’d visited here, I’d just feel bad for not being able to keep up…so I’ve just kept putting it off. Plus it doesn’t help that I have been working 6, mostly 7 days a week, trying to make more money. With it’s being the holiday season I’ve been able to pick up a lot of extra work, which isn’t always available. And since I’m in debt $3200 dollars thanks to my broken foot, I’ve been trying to make as much money as possible. Currently I haven’t been able to pay down much of it (only $300 in the past 6 wks), BUT I have not used my credit card in over a month, so I feel like that is a victory in it’s self (especially with several unexpected costly issues that have come up).

Small personal updates:

First: My foot is good *knock on wood* -- I only occasionally will feel pain in it and when I do it’s just a twinge.

Second: I did get my health insurance back, which makes me beyond happy. Especially since I may have my first cavity (it doesn‘t hurt it‘s just blackish in the center). :O So I’m hoping to make an appointment soon, to take care of that.

Third: Any fun time I have had, has been occupied by playing on face book. I do Farmville, Café World and Yoville. Although I loveeeeeeeeeeee Farmville the most, if anyone plays too, we should definitely be neighbors.
Forth: After reading The Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries, I decided to keep my vampire book obsession going by starting the Sookie Stackhouse Series (aka True Blood’s origin). I’m currently on book 8. I have to say I didn’t love the first book at all, and frankly if I hadn’t bought the box set I would have sadly not ever read the remaining books. But thank god I did because after the first book I really loved the series. A lot of my dislike for the first book was Bill -- I found him unlikable and irriating. I liked it much more when other characters were introduced and Bill‘s roles was far less. I won’t go into the books too much in case some people haven’t read them yet, but I do have one question for people (even ones who have watched the tv show…which I have yet to watch)…..why is Eric considered a Bad Guy? I realize he isn’t exactly the hero but I don’t see him as a Bad Guy at all. :/


I’m still watching House, Heroes, OTH, Greek and Castle.
Unlike everyone else I actually liked Heroes the past two seasons, but this years I’m just not liking the storyline. I really hate the Matt/Sylar/Nathan shit.
House is kind of boring, but I’m still watching.
One Tree Hill….I’m real behind on this one (5 eppies to be exact). I’m liking Robert Buckley’s addition to the show, but so far there’s just nothing to get excited about.
Greek -- I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that Casey and Cappie are together. <3 I liked the whole season besides for Rusty and Dale. I use to think they were likable and adorable. But now I find both of them incredibly annoying especially Rusty….he acts so self righteous. Ugh
Castle…………ooooooooooooh how I love Castle. It’s not the most unique cop storylines (although the Halloween episode had me in stitches), yet it’s endearing, funny, charming and just fun. I love everything about the show. My favorite part is the story between Castle and his daughter.

Yes I am watching Melrose Place, but only because there isn’t anything better on tv and because of Katie Cassidy. She is truly amazing in this show. I loved her as Ruby on SPN (although I‘m so glad she wasn‘t playing her when we realized Ruby was actually a bad person -- for it would have broke my heart), but she is way better on MP. I’m hoping the show will be better now that Ashley Simpson and her horrible acting is gone. Although I am sad they have chosen to get rid of Auggie, I liked Colin…but oh well.

I have no idea how I got sucked in to this whole Glee thing. Despite thinking Quinn is one of the worse singing/acting men I’ve seen in a lead role on a tv show….I still cannot, not watch. I find it a fun show to watch. It’s definitely my guilty pleasure….especially now that Puck <3 has a bigger role. Lol

Thursday --- MY FAVORITE night of the whole week:

The Vampire Diaries --- Since I loved the books I had a real hard time with the show initially. I was pissed, they switched out Elena’s sister for an annoying pissy brother. UGH!! I’m still pissed they chose not to include Meredith as Elena’s other best friend, she’s so pivotal in the books, it’s a shame they left her out of the series. And I really hated Vickie and her gigantic horse teeth, but fortunately they fixed that problem. J. Slowly I’ve been able to enjoy the show. One thing that really has shocked me is Ian….he is not aging real great (especially when they do the close ups), and I’m not loving his hair…it’s just strange and distracting. The more I’m able to let go of how the books were, the more I enjoy the show.

Flash Forward --- I’m really loving this show, I know it’s not as fast pace as Lost which is a complaint I know a lot of have but I still enjoy it. I love that Dominic is playing the bad guy, I think it’s awesome. I find it interesting especially Mark and Demetri. Although I’m really mad they killed off Al….I adored him too. L My only concern with the show is what happens when April..whatever, comes and passes. I thinking in the show it’s only 6 months away, how are they going to keep the show going after that?

Supernatural --- Awwww SPN you never fail me. I will love you to the end. This past episode with the Trickster and them making fun of other prime time show was great. I love that Eric can throw in funny shows even with the show having such a sad theme right now. Frankly the direction the show is going is really scaring me. I have a feeling the series is not going to end in a happily ever after. :/
Fav quote of the year: Maybe god is Try New Mexico, I hear he's on a tortilla. No, he's not on any flatbread.

Fringe -- Unfortunately I forgot to dvr this weeks episode. L But despite it’s low rating I’m still loving it. Although I wish they’d make it a little funnier, last season had more comedy. They need more humorous moments between Peter and Walter.


I’ve been soooooo loyal to Smallville, but this years has just been boring for me. I’m 5 or 6 episodes behind (actually I‘ve only watched the premiere of this seasons), whenever I go to watch them I get bored and watch something else. I’m not deleting them…..I will not give up on SV.

Speaking of giving up. I quit Dollhouse. I enjoyed it last year but this year is just stale and boring and I tried watching the episodes several time and every time I just ended up absorbed in the computer and not even watching it. So I deleted the remaining 3 episodes from my dvr. :(

Finally. I know I offered these before as  a trade, but I am just putting them up for anyone who wants them. I have codes for Twilight the movie plus extras. SPN S3 and OTH S5. They expire Dec 31st -- I’m hoping someone will want them, so they don’t go to waste.

I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you all. J I hope to have Thursday off, so I can start reading some entries, but the truth is I just don’t the time to keep up with all it all the time. I’ve decided keeping up with some of it some of the time will just have to do …. and is better then not being here at all. J

Hugs and well wishes to all. J

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Angel Lily
22 August 2009 @ 08:09 pm
Thanks to alwaysavingme 's very successful friending meme, I have gained several new friends. I want to say Hello and Welcome all of them - wakingaube  , misslivviebelle  , cry_gaia , witheyessmeared  , treehillover23 . I look greatly forward to talking and getting to you!!!

Lookie what I bought at Blockbuster...yes I am a Twilight nerd!!!!!! To my utter shock my phone actually took a good picture. Anyways, I haven't ate it yet, I'll tell ya how it taste once I do. :p

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Angel Lily
21 August 2009 @ 01:36 pm
Thanks to Wikipedia who had a full list of all the main network shows, I was finally able to make out my very long list of shows I will be watching this fall.

Greek - Aug. 31st (9pm)
One Tree Hill - Sept. 14th (8pm)
House - Sept. 21st (8pm)
Heroes - Sept. 21st (8pm)
Castle - Sept 21st (10pm)

Melrose Place - Sept. 8th (9pm)
The Forgotten - Sept. 22nd (10pm)

Glee - Sept. 16th (9pm)

Vampire Diaries - Sept. 10th (8pm)
Supernatural - Sept 10th (9pm)
Fringe - Sept 17th (9pm)
Flash Forward - Sept 24th (8pm)


Smallville - Sept. 25th (8pm)
Dollhouse - Sept. 25th (9pm)
Ugly Betty - Oct. 9th (9pm)
White Collar - Oct. 23rd (9pm)


Brothers and Sisters - Sept. 27th (10pm)
Three River - Oct. 4th (9pm)

**Also I'm not sure how long these shows run but I will also still be watching Drop Dead Diva (which has been picked up for S2!! :) Yea!!) and Dark Blue (which will hopefully be picked up for S2).

Also place_to_hideis doing a friending meme in her journal, so everyone check it out!! :)

the Multi-fandom friending meme.
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Angel Lily
15 August 2009 @ 07:31 pm
I was just in the middle of reading my friends page, when I just read who Catherine Hartwick (sp?) said were the top 4 finalist for Edward Cullen. Although I adore Ben Barnes, I just don't see him as Edward, but Jackson....JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually love the idea of him being Edward!! Aww....I really want him not to play a weird character because I really think he could pull off a leading man role.
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Angel Lily
22 July 2009 @ 08:33 pm
I had my first physical rehabilition on my foot today. It wasn't nearly as weird as i thought it would be. And my therapist says she knows exactly whats wrong and we'll have me healed up in a few weeks which is a relief because I'm real tired of my foot hurting. I know I'm behind on my replies but I have a hard time reading my friends list on my phone (which is what i'm on now). I hope all is well with you all. HUGS

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Angel Lily
15 July 2009 @ 03:20 pm

I did another friending meme -- and added two new friends, whom I'd like to welcome!! *waves to* malicat and place_to_hide 


The past two weeks have been crazy. After I splurged and went to the movies twice in 24 hours, I got socked with a ton of bills. First my fracture foot *to date* has cost me over 500 dollars. Oye. Then our air conditioner blew out and after a week of getting estimates I finally picked the company to put in a new one -- which is going to cost $1900. By the end of the month I'll probably have maxed out my credit card...but what else can I do, at least I didn't max it out (like some people I know) on materialistic shit I don't need.

The movies I saw were Transformers 2 and The Proposal. Apparently I have horrible taste because I liked Transformers 2...granted I liked the first one better, but then again I like action movies and don't expect them to be some Shawshake Redemption type plot. I thought it was funny and the action was cool. I will agree with others that is did drag on too long, I think they easily could have cut out about 30 minutes and it would have been the perfect movie. The best parts of the movie were Sam's mom and a new transformer called Wheelie --- seriously the funniest of all the Transformers.

Anyways, The Proposal was cute....obviously very predictable, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. My main issue with this movie is like with almost all comedies the funniest moments are in the trailer.

I was going to go see the Hangover too, but I already felt guilty for spending the little money I did...so I'll just have to wait to rent it at the redbox when it comes out.


I have been looking for some more animated side bars but have been unable to find any. I was really lucky to find the ones I did because the girl who made my layout also made sidebars. Can anyone suggest communities that have them, or a particular person who makes them??? Actually I'm not even sure if they are always called sidebars, are they referred to as something else?? Any help would be great!! 

Hope everyone is having a great week....*hugs to all* 
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Angel Lily
25 June 2009 @ 07:25 pm

As a child I loved Michael Jackson, he was my favorite, and despite never being able to dance, I always tried to do the moonwalk, because I wanted to be cool like him.


A little part of my childhood just died. RIP MJ...RIP!! 

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Angel Lily
Transformers 2

I'm so excited I can't wait to go, the first one is my favorite, so even if this new one is only half as good (which is all I really expect) I'll be wick happy. Luckly a few of my friends want to go as well, so if all works out, we will go see it Friday!! :) :)
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Angel Lily
21 June 2009 @ 05:51 pm

Is anyone watching any of the new tv summer shows? Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Hawthorne, The Listener??  Sadly this is the first summer without Kyle XY to which I still resent ABC Family for canceling for no reason (it was the networks highest rated series). But some of the other series are pretty good, Burn Notice being my favorite of all the summer shows.

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Angel Lily
16 June 2009 @ 01:57 pm

Television Without Pity -- Tubey Awards......there are tons of categories to vote for. I was very pleased Supernatural was included in many of those.  Best part -- no registration necessary to vote. :) 



VOTE NOW!!!!!!!

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