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Thank you for contacting Marketplace.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences this would
have caused to you. I highly appreciate your patience and
understanding in this case.

I will be sure to pass your message on to the appropriate department
in our company to take further action. Customer feedback such as
yours helps us to continue improving the selection and service we
provide. We appreciate the time you've taken to write to us.

We have looked into your order and we confirm that you should have
received it by now. You did the right thing by contacting the seller,
and we regret that this didn't resolve your concerns.

If you still want the item, you should know that does
not have a process to contact individual sellers on order-related
issues. We are ultimately unable to ship this item to you.

However, we have submitted a claim on your behalf for "Samsung E700 -
Orange - Pay As You Go [Electronics]" (#736-0575419-0515515). We will
now validate the claim. Your credit card will be reimbursed directly
for 34.50 GBP, the total order cost including shipping fees upon a
positive validation.

Claims generally take from 1-2 weeks to process; you'll receive an e-
mail notification when it is complete. Please note that if a seller
has already made a refund, or if you have initiated a chargeback to
your credit card, reimbursement will not be possible.

In order to facilitate our efforts, we require you to assign your
claims against the seller up to the amount of the refund you will
receive from us, so that we can attempt to recover the loss from the
seller. We may require you to cooperate with us in the investigation
of this matter, including making available to us upon request any
relevant receipts, cancelled cheques or other items necessary for
pursuing the claim. If you do not agree to these terms, please
contact us within 3 days after the date of this email by using the
following link:

We will then cancel the claim so that you can pursue the seller
without our assistance.

Should your order finally arrive, please contact us, even if
reimbursement has already been made. It's important to make sure that
the issue is correctly accounted for in our system. You can contact
us at the following address:

We hope that you will find this solution satisfactory. Again, please
let us apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a
result of this particular order.

Thank you for shopping at Marketplace.

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incoming e-mail.

To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit the Help section
of our website.

Warmest regards

Senthil M.
Customer Service
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complaint to Amazon Customer Services

Recently, I ordered the above item from the Marketplace seller robforsythe. After a week of no contact from the seller and no phone arriving, I contacted the seller through Amazon, and still received no reply. The next day, I emailed him again, and received a reply in the evening saying unfortunately the phone was no longer in his possession and he would refund me as soon as the money went into his account. As the money had already left my own account, I assumed he already had my money, and replied to his email saying that I expected the refund soon. After not hearing a reply from him quite quickly, I left him negative feedback. This afternoon when I checked my email, I found another email from him, basically saying that because I'd left him negative feedback, he'd have problems selling again on Amazon, and therefore he didn't think I deserved a full refund, but also saying he hadn't received my money yet. I replied apologising because I didn't know he hadn't yet received my money, but also saying he had no right to withhold a refund, to which I received another rude email (I haven't deleted the emails, in case it is necessary to send them on to you).
I also recieved negative feedback from him, which, considering the circumstances, I think was undeserved.
I am curious to know if there are any ways he can be reprimanded for acting this way - or at least warned about his behaviour? As I said, I have left negative feedback, but other Amazon Marketplace users may just read the negative feedback that he gave me, and then dismiss what i said.
I feel that I have entered into a contract with this seller, and I have supplied my end of the contract - i.e. the payment. However, he is not able to fulfil his end of the contract, and therefore should, in my view, refund the money immediately, but he is not doing this, and therefore, in my eyes, is breaking the contract.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could inform me of any further action I could take against this seller, or if there is anything you can do

Natalie Jackson
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(no subject)

"you have sent me a few e-mails saying i have in effect stolen your money and you did threaten 'further action through amazon' in each e-mail for which i could take further action through amazon myself. because you have rated me so harshly i will now struggle to sell on amazon in the future which will result in much greater loses of money on my part. "
Seasons Of Love

I can be polite, even though I feel like shouting and screaming and ranting

"I apologise, I did not realise you had not yet received the payment as when I have bought off of Marketplace before the seller has received the payment quicker than you have in this case.

However, I do not appreciate you suggesting in the feedback you left for me that I have sent numerous "threatening" emails to you, as after you informed me that you no longer had the product to sell, I only sent you one email (before this one) which was in no way threatening.

As for suggesting that I do not receive a full refund, when you put the item up for sale, you entered a contract saying that if someone bought the item, you would give them the item, or a full refund if that was not possible. If you do not issue a full refund, you will be breaching this contract.

If you continue to threaten/blackmail me as you did in your previous email, I will be forced to take further action through Amazon.

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bastard bastard bastard

"I have just been on the amazon site and have beein informed that the money is due to go into my account on the 20/02/2006 how u expected me to refund you money i dont have in my account i do not know. Thankyou for the rating (for which i have returned the favour) i am now going to struggle to sell on amazon in the future, and now i wonder if you deserve a full refund.


The feedback I left him was as follows:
"No item arrived. After a week, after contacting seller twice was informed item was no longer in his possession to sell. Am awaiting my money back.." and a rating of 1 out of 5 - its the truth and I thought was exactly what he deserves

He left me the following feedback:
"have explained that will give refund as soon as amazon put money into my account but kept sending threatening e-mails (do not buy or sell to this user!!!)" and also a rating of 1 out of 5

my emails have been relatively polite, considering the circumstances, and I have only sent him one email since he informed me he longer had the product

I'd advise anyone who uses amazon to avoid this seller and if anyone knows how i can send a complaint to amazon, please let me know because I don't really know myself!
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(no subject)

"Martin just phoned me, asking if I could come in to work. That wasn't awkward at all!!"
"Well, I did say to him I would phone you, but I said that to him that he would be more likely to get a 'Yes' at of you!"

*rolls eyes*
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(no subject)

mcaffe found bugger all

am guessing could be a connection error then...

*yawns* too late to worry about this now...
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(no subject)

right, am choosing my last resort now

i'm uninstalling WML *sob* then reinstalling whatever the newesst version was before that

i hope it works

if it doesn't, i will actually sit and cry. no, really.
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(no subject)

oh bollocks

i still can't log into messenger, i still can't access hotmail, and whenever i try to submit the problem to microsoft help thing, it tells me the page doesn't exist

apparently, i read that the problem can be fixed with a windows update, but i have no idea how to do that!

grrr, i hate microsoft!
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