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oh god every time i try to write about the midterm elections i sound like a big pretentious douchebag, and then i go on my friendslist and i am like "oh sam said exactly what i wanted to only with a better vocabulary and without sounding like a pretenious douchebag, i suck" so instead here is a really incoherent list of the happies & crappies that made me the happiest & crappiest

yay for all the uteruses of south dakota
no parental notification takin over the west coast
see icon, and await many more NANTASIC (hah new adjective, i love myself) icons in the future okkkkkk

-stop playa hatin on gay marriage everyone
-fucking reichert i am going to eat your face off and it isn't going to be pleasant, but then you will probably just alert the school district i work for and get me fired on the grounds that it is inappropriate to eat off the faces of STUPID WANKERS in front of middle school children, even though everyone knows that you eat your first face off in like, 2rd grade, and that by the time you are  13 you eat faces off like it is just no big deal. your friend tells you to shut up? you eat his face off. your mom grounds you? you eat her face off!! your teacher gives you an F on a test? as they walk away, you eat their face off, behind their back, but you are still eating their face, even if they don't know it, except sometimes they turn around and see you eating their face and that REALLY SUCKS because you can't just stop eating their face and pretend like nothing happened, and there you are, with your face eating just chilling out right there. then you have to do lunch detention and no one likes lunch detention because they give you shitty sandwiches. and half of the kids will prob think i am so cool for eating his face off, anyway! they will be like, yeah! i can totally talk to shanay, she is someone i can relate to, because i don't feel nervous around her! i know i can eat off the faces of moron politicians and she'll accept me for it!!! sort of like how i was everyone's favvvvv natural helper because everyone thought i was on drugs or something, but really i just forget to shower a lot. except this is about eating faces and bus drivers and not showering or shitty sandwiches.

i hope someone has any idea what i am talking about because i don't even think i do, omg i am so tired, goodnight

p.s.awhile ago i found out that jordan catalano was in this really horrible shitty scene band that i have literally hated since the 6th grade, and that makes me way sad because i always thought frozen embryos would get somewhere, and angela/rayanne/ricky would start a raddd riot grrl band, and then they would play shows together, except no one would like frozen embryos and everyone would like angela's band better, because tino is a sucky vocalist and frozen embryos would just be a buffalo tom ramones rip off except they would probably just sing about beer and the boiler room. but i just found out that jordan catalano is total BFFLZ with that scumoftheearth from aiden. AIDEN, THE BAND THAT HAS TORTURED MY LIFE AND RUINED PRACTICALLY EVERY LOCAL SHOW I HAVE BEEN TO IN THE PAST THREE YEARS WITH THEIR HORRIBLE MUSIC/ATTITUDES/FANS/FASHION. that is a giant exaggeration? maybe? okay, maybe not, but they are such wankers that any giant exaggerations are completely and totally appropriate. the first time i ever saw them, wil said something about them being metal, and my little 3 years ago self was like "oh sweet" because i was getting so tired of fucking daphne loves derby and gatsbys american dream and this providence WHICH ALL FUCKING SUCK AND I NEVER EVER LIKED THEM AND "GATSBYS" DOESN'T EVEN HAVE AN APOSTRPHE IN THE TITLE, HOW STUPID.  and then they played and i was so disappointed, half because they sucked and even then i knew they were not metal, and half because EVEN THEN aiden fans were beatin' the shit out of me because i... don't look like i am a zombie and i smile? even then! i was like, what, this isn't metal! they are liars and hacks. and then i got punchecd in the face. except i just kept quiet because duhh everyone goes through lame peer pressure and whatever.

but still. jordan catalano! my fandom characters are not allowed to like come into the real world and befriend real life people i have met because that is WEIRD and warps my mind and makes me worry about having a fandom in the first place. ok shut up.

p.p.s. "Aiden was bottled constantly during both of their UK festival dates; Download Festival 2006, and Reading Festival 2006. The latter of which Francis appeared on stage baiting the crowd 'Let’s see what you got, you fucking pussies!', there were apparently few Aiden fans there and the band was subsequently bottled with urine filled water bottles."

umm... lol
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