shanay (_andshesays) wrote,

i hate my neighbours.

WHY IS THAT EVERY SINGLE FUCKING HOLIDAY THAT EVER EXISTS, YOU HAVE TO SET OFF FUCKING ILLEGAL FIREWORKS? Seriously, for EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY since you guys moved in, you have set off fireworks that scare the shit out of me and every other living thing in our entire neighbourhood. there is no reason to set off fireworks on EASTER or HALLOWEEN, you FUCKING IDIOTS. do you maybe think that EVERY SINGLE DOG IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD barking and whining like mad and little kids screaming is an indication for you to STOP SETTING OFF FIREWORKS?!!?! oh, what am i thinking, i forgot you have no regard for any living thing other than yourself.

i hate your stupid fucking MORON kids, they are EVIL INCARNATE. every single morning i'm woken up early by their fucking SCREAMING. yes, your bus stop may be in front of my house, but that doesn't give you the right to fucking RUN THROUGH AND TRAMPLE OUR PLANTS & TREES like you fucking live here, and it's not okay for you to just constantly scream for a half hour before the bus comes. yes, you are "outdoors" but it's not very nice to use your "outdoors voice" when SOMEONE IS TRYING TO SLEEP LIKE FIFTEEN FUCKING FEET AWAY FROM YOU AND YOU ARE FULLY AWARE OF THIS. my mom has gone out there SO MANY TIMES and told you little fuckers to SHUT THE FUCK UP and you continue to be THE MOST EVIL LITTLE CHILDREN I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. your moms aren't much better, they just stand there and perpetuate the absolute ASSHATTERY. it's not okay to throw rocks at my cat, at my house, or our cars, WHY DID YOU EVER THINK IT WAS? oh, and, SOCCER MOMS, WHAT IS THE POINT IN FUCKING DRIVING TO THE BUS STOP AND IDLING OUTSIDE MY WINDOW FOR A HALF HOUR BEFORE THE BUS EVEN COMES, WHEN THE SCHOOL IS LESS THAN A FIVE MINUTE DRIVE AWAY? this morning when i heard your son scream about how his brother was a "fag" i was THIS FUCKING CLOSE to going outside and completely LOOSING IT because you are such fucking MORONS. how do you get off letting your kids scream and beat the shit out of themselves every morning? do you realize they are probably going to grow up to be the most fucked up people ever? there have been several times i've seen your kids almost get hit by fucking cars because you're too busy chatting about whatever the fuck soccer moms chat about. we've contacted the BUS DRIVER of the bus several times because maybe THEY can do something because you obviously lack all parental skills EVER. grow up and TEACH YOUR KIDS PROPER BEHAVIOUR already. seriously, fuck you.

and you know what, you stupid little fucking teenagers who have decided to make my street your homebase for all of your inane bullshit? i hate you. i hope that one of these days when you're drunkenly dancing in the middle of the street at 3am on a Sunday that SOMETHING REALLY HORRIBLE happens to you so you can maybe snap out of your idiotic realm of reality. NONE OF YOU EVEN LIVE ON THIS STREET. i know your dealer does, but can't you at least be morons in the park or at the lake, like everyone else? why do you have to be morons outside of my house when i'm trying to sleep? seriously, what the fuck. you just, you destroy shit, for no reason. you get high and destroy shit. you're the PERFECT EXAMPLE of why everyone thinks that every drug user ever is an irresponsible idiot.

and YOU. no, we do not live in the country, and YOU DO NOT LIVE ON A FARM. when i first found out you wanted to raise chickens, i thought it was really exciting... at first. but want to know why we don't have chickens? COYOTES. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. and they aren't afraid of you, or anything else. i've seen them stroll into my backyard in broad daylight, what makes you think your chickens would be safe? my neighbour's cat and their ducks weren't, fuhreals. also, we live on a busy road, if they got out, they wouldn't be safe! it's not like you just bought the house from a random person who doesn't know the area or the laws or anything. the previous owners of the house were the MAYOR and her husband who is a city council person! they warned you over and over about the laws AND the danger of the coyotes, but you didn't listen to them. also, that old barn on the property? that has been there before any of these houses were, and it's the most dangerous thing ever. it's going to fall down any second. when you were buying the house, you mentioned that you'd like to turn it into a haunted house. the MAYOR TOLD YOU that if you did you would be putting so many people's lives at risk, but you continued to try and make it in to a haunted house anyway. i'm glad you ran out of time before halloween because i would have been fucking THROWING DOWN if i saw you letting kids go in there. fucking. morons.

(And I know what everyone is going to say: call the cops etc etc. Up until a month ago, our other neighbours were the mayor & a city coucil person, so the city is well aware of the general bullshittyness that goes on here. and i think it's kinda lame to call the cops on the 13984973 people in my neighbourhood who suck just cause i... don't think that's right at all and we can just deal with it ourselves. plus we have 2 cops in our entire city and i'm sure they're off doing more important things like telling girls to walk on the sidewalk and not in the street.)

ok i feel like a million times better after getting that out. time to go watch attack of the killer tomatoezzz yeeeauhh.
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