shanay (_andshesays) wrote,

i feel like my entire life is some unintentional performance art piece and secretly i'm being watched in some massive gallery by all of these art critics with haircuts that sort of boggle my mind. you know, like the truman show, only artfaggy. and you can't see my house from space, i don't think. i think the sky is real too, but how would you know if you lived your whole life in an art gallery? seriously, please.

i think gatorade should be renamed crackorade because i haven't had one in a few hours and i am JONESIN. is that even possible? it is MORE THAN WATER, after all. maybe it should be called mental crackorade. crackormentalade. or just givemesomefuckinggatorade. today i said, can i have a yellow gatorade please. and i paid the guy, and he yelled YELLOW GATORADE and said, "here's an orange gatorade instead" and i was like, hello, since when are yellow and orange the same colours, let alone the same SPORTS DRINK FLAVOURS?

the other day i bought some rice cakes and the packaging made me really fucking angry, so angry i started crying in the middle of the store and then i saw this guy put bananas in the bin where the pumpkins are, and i figured he would understand why i was crying over packaging, but he kind of scurried away in his old man with a big beard way too fast for me to catch up. which i guess is not very fast, because he was an old man with a big beard and he was just scurrying, but you know, you can't just go up to strangers and tell them all of your problems because they put the bananas in the place where the pumpkins go. can you dig it? i can.

so then i came home and i wrote a song about pigeons, again, and really i have just decided that life is just too fucking boring. there's menstrual blood on my face and my grandma's car, more on this later. meaning probably not for a really long time because my entire life is taken up by not so fun things.

dear michael, would you like to eat lunch on THE GRASSY KNOLL RISING ABOVE THE GREAT PLAIN JUST NORTH AND WEST OF THE KENTWOOD PARKING LOTS with me on monday, if it is not raining. can we please bring claire and everyone and maybe cody too because i think maybe i want to be his friend, in a serious way. mostly i just really like his pants. i can bring cupcakes or something to share, okay.
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