shanay (_andshesays) wrote,

carrie just came by my house with a puppy! he was a dachshund or whatever and was the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life! even cuter than sam singing for hilary duff or that girl in my english class who thinks she's a harajuku lovers girl. seriously the beeb just covered my entireee faceee in baby puppy adorable eeee cute kisses and yawned and nibbled on my fingers and i just melted all over the floor. we were a collective puddle of dog and girl and adorable amazingness.

someone please tell me how war can exist when puppies do? if i ever had the urge to blow up a city somewhere i would just go to and then I would cancel the missles and people would not die! if i ever go crazy and run for office, this will be my campaign. VOTE 4 SHANAY, I WON'T START WARS COS I LIKE BABY ANIMALS! PUPPIES FOR PEACE!
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