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today i bought new deodorant and toothpaste and a sweater with sheep on it, not in it. now, i am going to eat vegan pudding cups and fall more in love with allison wolfe and not do my homework. i am also going to try to find a ukulele an ebay and write kevin an email, and this weekend was the best i have spent by myself.

i want to ask someone to homecoming but i don't know if they would want to go! i have never even been to a homecoming before, and I'm sure kentwood's would be very boring. maybe i will not go at all, and stay at home watching degrassi and fresh prince. or maybe it will turn out to be a lovely dance party! on second thought, i think it would be much more fun to go urban exploring with the person who i am obviously asking to homecoming in this paragraph, so i guess that means i take back asking them to homecoming. unless they want to go, of course. but freezin yr toes of while hunting for ghosts is definitely > kdub school functions. yeeeaaaaaahh i am such a creep
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