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My mother and I have now mastered driving from here to Yakima in 1 hour and 52 minutes (we get to the pass in like 20!) and on a half of a tank of gas. Don't ask me how.







Alex's graduation was the weirdest one I've ever attended. Apparently Jesus is a mountain, and I'm supposed to climb him. It costs 58,000 dollars to climb Jesus and most people will die doing it, btw. So after the graduation, I finally got to meet Sam, which was nice. Then they had us stick around for a million hours and there was some horrible band that played so we left on some sort of adventure/piggy back ride race and were scolded for doing so. All the parents dressed up as their children and I think most of them were pretty lame but Sam & Alex's moms were HILARIOUS and quite metal (trenchcoat and slayer shirt, if yr lost).





The next day, Me, Scott, Sam, and Alex drove up to CWU and Scott used up his meal card on 34 cases of coke products and it was pretty soul crushing, but fun, I guess. And I got to see Debbie! The drive back was super nice and the conversation was actually enjoyable, except for something that was silly and involved two cars colliding, but it's all gravy.


After unloading the soda at Scott's/building a chair/taking photos, we dropped Sam off and arrived at Delp's graduation party 2 hours late, oops. His family was really nice, even though they kept trying to get me to go to the hospital. I liked them, they took a lot of pictures and played music together and didn't argue and laughed about things. It was a wonderful change from my sort of family gatherings.

We went to the park and I lost my glasses and made a few decisions that are gonna change my life. It was what I needed.

I absolutely fail at anything that involves me waking up before 9am. I think I'm going to go sleep for a few million hours, now. I'm not too fond of dxm.

P.S. Who is from or around Mountain View, CA?
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