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i am just a spec of dust inside a giant's eye [entries|friends|calendar]

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</3 [18 Jul 2008|11:28pm]
[ mood | tired ]

kinda friends only.
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[25 Dec 2007|06:30pm]
p.s i am dangerous
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[07 Feb 2007|06:09pm]

oh oh my gosh i am so TIRED and i want to tell everyone about my school and city and life and how great it is and blaaah but i have homework and but honestly i am mostly tired-dead
so everyone just come lay (lie? fuck, i will never get this) in my bed and i will tell you all about it and then fall asleep on your backpack so you can't leave!

i do not drool no worries
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i see something big [04 Feb 2007|03:26pm]
[ mood | ON THE WAGON ]

gelli baff would totally have come in handy last night, i do believe!

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[07 Dec 2006|05:36pm]

cookies forever and ever
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[09 Nov 2006|12:19am]
oh god every time i try to write about the midterm elections i sound like a big pretentious douchebag, and then i go on my friendslist and i am like "oh sam said exactly what i wanted to only with a better vocabulary and without sounding like a pretenious douchebag, i suck" so instead here is a really incoherent list of the happies & crappies that made me the happiest & crappiest

yay for all the uteruses of south dakota
no parental notification takin over the west coast
see icon, and await many more NANTASIC (hah new adjective, i love myself) icons in the future okkkkkk

-stop playa hatin on gay marriage everyone
-fucking reichert i am going to eat your face off and it isn't going to be pleasant, but then you will probably just alert the school district i work for and get me fired on the grounds that it is inappropriate to eat off the faces of STUPID WANKERS in front of middle school children, even though everyone knows that you eat your first face off in like, 2rd grade, and that by the time you are  13 you eat faces off like it is just no big deal. your friend tells you to shut up? you eat his face off. your mom grounds you? you eat her face off!! your teacher gives you an F on a test? as they walk away, you eat their face off, behind their back, but you are still eating their face, even if they don't know it, except sometimes they turn around and see you eating their face and that REALLY SUCKS because you can't just stop eating their face and pretend like nothing happened, and there you are, with your face eating just chilling out right there. then you have to do lunch detention and no one likes lunch detention because they give you shitty sandwiches. and half of the kids will prob think i am so cool for eating his face off, anyway! they will be like, yeah! i can totally talk to shanay, she is someone i can relate to, because i don't feel nervous around her! i know i can eat off the faces of moron politicians and she'll accept me for it!!! sort of like how i was everyone's favvvvv natural helper because everyone thought i was on drugs or something, but really i just forget to shower a lot. except this is about eating faces and bus drivers and not showering or shitty sandwiches.

i hope someone has any idea what i am talking about because i don't even think i do, omg i am so tired, goodnight

p.s.Collapse )
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[31 Oct 2006|10:30pm]

my costume was a black dress far too short to wear regularly, and lots of leopord print, red lipstick, and my ridiculosuly large hair. i was going to be a cat but i couldn't find ears, or a tail, so i guess i was just hot for halloween.

i'm going to go eat a bunch of popcorn and peanut butter squares and watch the rest of toxic avenger.

next year i want to dress up as the class of nuke em high:

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[31 Oct 2006|07:08pm]
i hate my neighbours.

lots of capslock love under the cutCollapse )

ok i feel like a million times better after getting that out. time to go watch attack of the killer tomatoezzz yeeeauhh.
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[05 Oct 2006|10:17pm]
Iggy The Reaper: my mom saw some show on ABC today
Iggy The Reaper: its about some girl who works at a fashion thing
shanaysays: yeah?
Iggy The Reaper: and she wears like sweaters and librarian glasses
Iggy The Reaper: AND MY MOM GOES
shanaysays: HAHAHAH
shanaysays: ARE YOU SERIOUS
Iggy The Reaper: AND I LOOK
Iggy The Reaper: AND I CRACK UP
Iggy The Reaper: FOR LIKE 5 MINUTES
shanaysays: haha omg!
shanaysays: what was her name!
Iggy The Reaper: i dont know
shanaysays: oh crap
shanaysays: what was the show on abc
Iggy The Reaper: its some weird show where some "smart but nerdy girl with a heart of gold"
Iggy The Reaper: works on some shitty fashion magazine
shanaysays: OH
shanaysays: UGLY BETTY?!
Iggy The Reaper: with all the 'pretty girls"
Iggy The Reaper: but they all look the same
shanaysays: UGLY BETTY!
Iggy The Reaper: dont konw
shanaysays: yes
Iggy The Reaper: i was only in the room for like 5 minutes
shanaysays: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ugly_Betty
shanaysays: this?
Iggy The Reaper: and iw as laughing the whole time
Iggy The Reaper: hahaha that picture looks nothing like it!
Iggy The Reaper: she was wearing
Iggy The Reaper: like
Iggy The Reaper: this sweater thing
Iggy The Reaper: that looks like one you have
shanaysays: the green one?
Iggy The Reaper: and she goes "IM GOING TO GO EAT SOME ORGANIC FOOD"
Iggy The Reaper: OR SOMETHING
Iggy The Reaper: AND I WAS LIKE
Iggy The Reaper: 'HAHAHAHAHA'
shanaysays: this makes my really shitty day like twelve thousand times better
shanaysays: tell your mom i love her!
Iggy The Reaper: SHE WAS LIKE
Iggy The Reaper: AND IM LIKE
Iggy The Reaper: "SHANAY?! HAHA OMQ"
shanaysays: haha DID YOU SAY OMQ
Iggy The Reaper: NO
Iggy The Reaper: YES
shanaysays: omg dying
Iggy The Reaper: I DONT KNOW
Iggy The Reaper: CUTE
shanaysays: HAHHA
shanaysays: YES
shanaysays: CUTE
shanaysays: ILU
shanaysays: dude we were like 11 then
Iggy The Reaper: 12
shanaysays: 13
Iggy The Reaper: 12 PLZ
shanaysays: ok
shanaysays: we were twelve years old.
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happy world vegan day, everyone! [30 Sep 2006|11:32pm]
mmmCollapse )
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[23 Sep 2006|12:53am]
i feel like my entire life is some unintentional performance art piece and secretly i'm being watched in some massive gallery by all of these art critics with haircuts that sort of boggle my mind. you know, like the truman show, only artfaggy. and you can't see my house from space, i don't think. i think the sky is real too, but how would you know if you lived your whole life in an art gallery? seriously, please.

i think gatorade should be renamed crackorade because i haven't had one in a few hours and i am JONESIN. is that even possible? it is MORE THAN WATER, after all. maybe it should be called mental crackorade. crackormentalade. or just givemesomefuckinggatorade. today i said, can i have a yellow gatorade please. and i paid the guy, and he yelled YELLOW GATORADE and said, "here's an orange gatorade instead" and i was like, hello, since when are yellow and orange the same colours, let alone the same SPORTS DRINK FLAVOURS?

the other day i bought some rice cakes and the packaging made me really fucking angry, so angry i started crying in the middle of the store and then i saw this guy put bananas in the bin where the pumpkins are, and i figured he would understand why i was crying over packaging, but he kind of scurried away in his old man with a big beard way too fast for me to catch up. which i guess is not very fast, because he was an old man with a big beard and he was just scurrying, but you know, you can't just go up to strangers and tell them all of your problems because they put the bananas in the place where the pumpkins go. can you dig it? i can.

so then i came home and i wrote a song about pigeons, again, and really i have just decided that life is just too fucking boring. there's menstrual blood on my face and my grandma's car, more on this later. meaning probably not for a really long time because my entire life is taken up by not so fun things.

dear michael, would you like to eat lunch on THE GRASSY KNOLL RISING ABOVE THE GREAT PLAIN JUST NORTH AND WEST OF THE KENTWOOD PARKING LOTS with me on monday, if it is not raining. can we please bring claire and everyone and maybe cody too because i think maybe i want to be his friend, in a serious way. mostly i just really like his pants. i can bring cupcakes or something to share, okay.
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i am having a weird shitty day [15 Sep 2006|05:19pm]

i hope this makes you feel better if you are having a weird shitty day too
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[14 Sep 2006|06:40pm]
carrie just came by my house with a puppy! he was a dachshund or whatever and was the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life! even cuter than sam singing for hilary duff or that girl in my english class who thinks she's a harajuku lovers girl. seriously the beeb just covered my entireee faceee in baby puppy adorable eeee cute kisses and yawned and nibbled on my fingers and i just melted all over the floor. we were a collective puddle of dog and girl and adorable amazingness.

someone please tell me how war can exist when puppies do? if i ever had the urge to blow up a city somewhere i would just go to www.imreallysad.com and then I would cancel the missles and people would not die! if i ever go crazy and run for office, this will be my campaign. VOTE 4 SHANAY, I WON'T START WARS COS I LIKE BABY ANIMALS! PUPPIES FOR PEACE!
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[10 Sep 2006|07:06pm]

today i bought new deodorant and toothpaste and a sweater with sheep on it, not in it. now, i am going to eat vegan pudding cups and fall more in love with allison wolfe and not do my homework. i am also going to try to find a ukulele an ebay and write kevin an email, and this weekend was the best i have spent by myself.

i want to ask someone to homecoming but i don't know if they would want to go! i have never even been to a homecoming before, and I'm sure kentwood's would be very boring. maybe i will not go at all, and stay at home watching degrassi and fresh prince. or maybe it will turn out to be a lovely dance party! on second thought, i think it would be much more fun to go urban exploring with the person who i am obviously asking to homecoming in this paragraph, so i guess that means i take back asking them to homecoming. unless they want to go, of course. but freezin yr toes of while hunting for ghosts is definitely > kdub school functions. yeeeaaaaaahh i am such a creep
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[08 Sep 2006|08:39pm]
today the kid who wrote me this creepy note last yearCollapse ) made a really fucking stupid sexual innuendo out of me TALKING ABOUT EBAY AND PLAYING THE UKULELE. how is that even possible, please. remember AMANDA, PLEASE? i wanna be that girl, penelope, with the laptop attached to her chest, who says please after everything, please.

montizingoooo you are a big lameeeeooo and it is really tackkkkyyy to wear basketball shoes with khakissss. i think that could be the fantastic start of a new song about VERBALIZING AND ANGSTING INSTEAD OF LIVING. i swear my entire life is quoting teen dramas. shit, please.

i would like to punch my school in their big collective face. please.
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[11 Aug 2006|06:59pm]


i can't even think!!!
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aaaaaaaadlkfjlasdkjfaldskjfalskdjfdk & my entries lack all substance [10 Jul 2006|05:10am]
shanay says: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKmuN7tDcrM
burn europe burn: that was more like a baby-gate of minimal inconvenience.

shanay says: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7fuklRiC2c
Iggy The Reaper: AL;KFJOHT
Iggy The Reaper: DESTROY
Iggy The Reaper: ALL HUMAN LIFE
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found divacup [09 Jul 2006|09:52pm]

this wins.
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doodz, LISTEN UP. [07 Jul 2006|09:56pm]
Kentwood can suck my figurative balls which they don't support me having, okay.

cut for length.Collapse )

x-posted to: _andshesays, feminist_rage, transfeminism, transgender, fem_activism
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[07 Jul 2006|01:46am]

online monopoly = best ever
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