Andrea (_andrea) wrote,

The Juggalos Gathered. (NSFW/Graphic)

ICP's Shaggy and Violent J amid the Gathering

Part of the competition consists of drinking the most disgusting mix of items. This man kept vomiting his mix, so the concoction was poured over him. The mix consisted of wet dog food, clam sauce, and water from the 'Lake Hepatitis'.

Three 6 Mafia onstage with a fan at the Gathering of the Juggalos

An oddball wrestler holds a weapon from his match- a fork

An audience member watches the Kottonmouth Kings

They don't call it the "Dark Carnival" for nothing. Here, one of the rides -- with the quiet stage in the background -- looked ominous and empty before the Juggalos arrive.

Master P performs

Santa oversees Juggalo Oddball wrestling, a part of the JCW. Oddball wrestling includes using items such as or utensils to hurt the opponent.

Twiztid at The Gathering of the Juggalos

Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW), a nightly event

Psychopathic Radio wrestling

Competitors originally are blindfolded, but the masks are soon ripped off.

Slick Chix ladies oil wrestling

"Apparently the car belonged to a guy who had been stealing from people camping in the surrounding area. He got busted, with a car full of people's laptops, cell phones, wallets, etc. He literally got beaten all the way to the exit, where security rescued him and sent him away in an ambulance (one version of the story had him getting life-flighted). People then turned their rage on his car and personal belongings, repeatedly shouting "This is what happens when you steal from Family!" The final twist in the story? The car itself was stolen... from the guy's now ex-girlfriend."

"To finish off the saga, and prevent people from continuing to repeatedly try and burn the car (there was a burn ban in place), they dragged the heap past the front of the main stage before ICP's set, as a reminder of what happens when you steal from Family."

"On a related note, some of the photos are of a tattooed guy standing on top of the car holding up a part he had spent almost thirty minutes dislodging. I talked with him later and found out that he had spent a month walking across the US to attend The Gathering."

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