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This journal is friends only, but feel free to add me. I add almost everyone!

...Here are some things you might be interested in knowing before you add me:
  • My friending policy is very lax: friend or defriend at will, no questions asked. If I defriend you and you would like to be re-added, please comment on this post. :)
  • My posts are generally not that interesting. They are largely real-life based with some fandom thrown in. Luckily for you, I post somewhat infrequently!
  • I try to comment when I have something to say, but even if I don't comment, I always read my flist.
  • I'm very politically liberal. I am pro-choice, pro-sex education, anti-war, anti-animal testing/cruelty, and straight but not narrow. Go Obama! While I try to avoid posting about politics, and I would never defriend someone based solely on their political leanings, please be aware that I may be predisposed to skipping over your entries if they focus mainly on politically conservative ideals in such a way that does not invite intelligent discussion or debate. Sorry! Similarly, if my beliefs will offend or make you uncomfortable, please reconsider adding me to your flist.
  • I probably will not friend icon journals. I occasionally add fic journals, but if you're adding me, do it with your personal journal instead! :)
  • If you're looking for my fanfic, check out whithersoever.

...And here are some random things that make me happy!
  • Barns
  • When French people say the name Thierry
  • “David Duchovny” by Bree Sharp
  • Novel-length fanfic that you can’t wait to get home to read
  • Recycling
  • Heroic couplets
  • Mario Kart Love Song

This Post Last Updated: March 31st, 2009